March 27, 2023
Black Lives Matter | Toonami

“A little background: this piece came together because a group of Toonami staff came to me and asked, ‘Are we going to address …


44 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter | Toonami

  1. It actually saddens me to see toonami go this route. I don't know if they're talking about that movement that's actually done more harm than good, or black lives in general. Not everyone supports BLM and I happen to be one of those black folks that don't. Entertainment needs just be entertainment it's got no business in politics whatsoever, Identity or social justice. That's the reason why everything is so messed up right now. It feels like everybody's forgetting Dir King's words I look forward to the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That's what I was raised on just to see people as people and a lot of people are forgetting that or have chosen to disregard it in general and think everything is racist which is pretty sad. And some people may call it " systematic racism" I call it common sense just to see people as people regardless of color race or religion, lives matter in general no matter who you are. Stick to entertaining Toonami that is your one and only purpose

  2. Based TOM, Based Steve Blum, Based Adult Swim. If you have a problem with this you are bias. Cope and seethe, while you old racist dinosaurs die out we'll be here being happy and enjoying life with people of ALL cultures and lifestyles. Homophobes can reply if they want, you'll be crying to a brick wall

  3. reminder that black lives matter is a terrorist organization that uses violence and intimidation to get their way. Not to mention hiring many many convicted felons including a woman who set off a bomb in the whitehouse

  4. To all the people responsible for this racist, divisive message about to lose their job: you got what you deserved.

    Next time focus on the quality of the service you provide rather than than lecturing others for woke points.

    We tried to warn you, but you just insisted you knew better.
    Get woke. Go Broke.

    PS. You're stupid.

  5. Statistically the richest black neighborhood has a higher crime rate than the poorest white neighborhood. There are inner city struggles within the culture that contribute to crime, but the unfortunate truth is that blacks are genetically more likely to commit crime. They are 21 times more likely to commit homicide in fact. You may not like it, but that is the truth. It seems to me the people who need to hear this message the most are the same ones who support misleading movements like BLM. Good luck to you all and remember this motto, "never relax around blax", that will keep you alive in the streets while others succumb to their misplaced virtues.

  6. I think it's hilarious spookrockcity has made over 300 comments in this video just because he takes such issue with the notion that black people should be treated with respect. Like seriously, he must check here everyday.

  7. Man, I wanted the take of “all lives matter.. some people say that now, but might not mean it. All lives do matter. Any color, any kind. And sometimes your gut instinct sends you somewhere that’s right, but the wrong people were there first… it happens. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t right; everyone matters. And sometimes liars and fakers on either side will agree with you, and that’s okay: that doesn’t dampen your message. We know we’re all the same. And If it seems like they they don’t agree, maybe first think that they don’t know what you know or what you’ve seen. Because really, most of us all want the same thing: peace, good living, friendship, and happiness. And we all gotta work on that together. Stay gold out there.

  8. Daily reminder that Cartoon Network made virtue signaling about black creators and BLM while they still censor The Boondocks, a show based on a comic by a black creator

  9. Avdol and Smokey from jojo’s bizarre adventures would’ve been perfect for this video especially part 2 when Smokey was being Harassed by some cops and a customer was being a racist towards Smokey about eating at the restaurant and Joseph stood up for him both of those times and he beat them up

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