September 19, 2023
Black Lives Matter Under Fire For Foggy Financial History

The Black Lives Matters movement is facing some tough accusations regarding the state of their finances, including a lack of …


31 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Under Fire For Foggy Financial History

  1. The money went to Cadillac trucks Mercedes-Benz and five mansions in America and one mansion in Canada that was bought from the Nazi party THAT black lives matter for you THATS called a TRICKSTER FIGURE ❗

  2. Just goes to show. Regardless of your political affiliation, rich people always seek to find a way to mess around and try to become even more enriched.

  3. American establishment is eugenicist. Last move is give free crack pipes to afro americans to better keep enslaving them. In fat they follow world economic Forum agenda…. You will be happy and have nothing… So let's keep them drugged until they die and fast.
    So no wonder why America financed trained armed ISIS and now do the same in ukraine. Afro americans you are done in usa you are murdered like pigeons and massively jailed. The worst is yet to come. Good luck

  4. Funny how anyone criticized BLM they were labeled as a racist even when one of the co-founders bought 3 properties with one of in San Diego in an 80% white neighborhood, when several black kids were shot and killed by other blacks, a shooting of a club when 2 of the victims whove died were black that was shot by a black man, and how other BLM chapters had to do go fund me pages when the main BLM wasnt giving them any funding.

  5. All charities are corrupt. People start charities and manage them to support them and their group. Just like a business even if it's non-profit. And charities never help the main people it sought out to cuz even with all that money they would be hiring lawyers in every state fighting police brutality just by taking a lawyer to every type of crime that's committed and paying them so you know you get in a good lawyer for these particular individuals

  6. Corrupting green this is the only reason why we have discrimination in this country. And it's the only reason why people don't support other people cuz everybody wants to become a millionaire and everyone's going to screw everybody else to be that one

  7. We are taught in University that charities are a good way to take a business. Just pick a cause. Charities just have high expenses, since they can’t have/use their net profit on stuff. So, they give themselves high salaries and expense vehicles, trips, and other assets to the company. No shareholder obligation. It’s a good way to make money with tons of benefits. Maybe 1-10% goes to the cause. The BLM founders are just stupid. Like really, its nearly impossible to find the money trail and people associated with the purchase of properties. Should have have put a CPA capitalist on the payroll. Absolute morons!

  8. I'm sure to the vast majority of BLM activists, this movement is about equality for black people. For the people at the top who started it, it's always been a moneymaking scheme.

  9. I used to love The Young Turks because they cut like a katana through political corruption however they turned to anti cop Hysteria and ridiculous race bait politics after the BLM people showed up and now they have egg on their face😂 BLM turned out to be a bunch of money hustling scam artists who couldn't give a damn about the black community and tyt carried their bags all the way to the bank😂😆

    Trying to turn criminals into martyrs is disrespectful to the true civil rights struggle you simpering morons, Rosa Parks was a beautiful civil rights icon because she wasn't a CRIMINAL!!!!

    ❌🔥TYT FAIL🔥❌

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