September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

49 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

  1. I'm sick of these cry babies man. There was a black president which shows anything is possible. Be a good person and work hard and good things will happen. Stop crying about the past and move on

  2. I follow you on the gram but you are puss, its a k no ot well thought experiment! You look like an Italian you should know people in the neighborhoods before you do an experiment. You would get better support

  3. The problem is people took away the actual purpose. It was supposed to raise more awareness of what cops have been doing to the black community for decades. Unfortunately it turned into something unrecognizable to it's original purpose. Happens every time

  4. It's really sad how the black community in the USA is street loyal and aggressive I think black people are traumatised throughout the whole history of slavery and discrimination they had

  5. The reason why the black people were getting mad when you were holding up an "All Lives Matter" sign is because black people are the ones getting killed in the streets for no reason. Black people are the ones getting racially profiled. Black people are the ones getting pulled over by the cops for no reason. Yes, all lives DO matter, but black people are the ones being targeted. So it is rude to respond to "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter". Saying that just derails the whole point of BLM. BLM was never intended to exclude other races. But to unify other races and fight for equality for Blacks. Black people have been dehumanized historically and in the present day. Black people have been through 400 years of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, the KKK, police brutality, and racial profiling. Because of all of that, black people are the number most discrimminated race in the U.S.

  6. Those 2xkids starting problems says it all right there that they wre racists themselves. And they still go around calling each other that disgusting word 'N''

  7. For the people who don’t understand –
    Black Lives Matter”. Was Originally intended as a social movement in response to racism and police brutality against black people.
    “All Lives Matter” was created after BLM as basically an anti “Black Lives Matter” slogan. All lives matter doesn’t actually fight for any actual cause

  8. Honestly I think we're still paying from the sins of our ancestors when you incarcerate and torture and have slaves of the black community it doesn't matter how long we try to make it right we still messed up they're never going to forgive us so just let them do their own thing man

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