September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are two opposing groups and movements with very divisive messages. In a CityNews …


31 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter

  1. I would have no reason to not like blue lives if blue lives hadn't killed beaten racially profiled my innocent brothers and sisters over the many years. Blacks didn't start history of killing blue lives. Think about the logic and stop Defending the anti black anti ethnic system. Keep defending the system more black lives that's supposed to matter will perish.

  2. why cant it be both? Police officers get too much undeserved hate as well as black people. It is such a backwards philosophy to think otherwise.. All people matter, it shouldn't be two opposing beliefs.

  3. Back the Blue. BLM has been shown for the scam they are. Shame on you who fell for their hustle and racist/marxist garbage. That would be mainly white liberals.

  4. I'm black and I always support Black Lives Matter but blue lives splatter because all of them are rasict and I don't trust them even they are Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Natives, Asians, and Whites they just do the same thing like other rasict blues like N.W.A said black police showing out for the white cop and YG words there in the Ku Klux Cops!

  5. 1984, 1992, 2010, 2020 O.J. Simpson or any black trial. And what did we learn? That the real racists have always been blacks and that in the USA they are first-class citizens and they know it, that's why they confront the police and do what they want.

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  7. Blue lies matter. They have resulted in millions of black people being framed.
    Cops commit perjury every time they testify in court. Police departments are nothing more than glorified gangs that frame the innocent while they simultaneously cover up the crimes of their fellow gang members.

  8. If your goals are to become a career criminal and join a gang, any police department would be a good gang to join.
    Any PD is the largest gang in the area and the only gang whose members are immune from prosecution.

  9. #1 group injuring Blue Lives = White Males & White Females
    #1 group killing Blue Lives = White Males
    #1 group transporting drugs in vehicles = White Males & White Females
    #1 Marijuana users = White Males

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