September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter: What has the movement achieved? - UpFront

The killing of an unarmed black man by police in the city of on Tuesday led to series of protests throughout the city.


38 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: What has the movement achieved? – UpFront

  1. shaun king is not good at reasoning, black people being killed more by police doest mean police is racist, could also mean black people aret good at handling police confrontations.

  2. If BLM is represented by thousands of leaders, then when those leaders act, you must attribute it to BLM. So, if amazing things happen in another part of the country, you would proudly take credit. If there is no objective doctrines and rules, that makes BLM subject to what the leaders do, so when something bad happens and leaders carry the BLM banner, you must hold BLM accountable.

  3. I like how Shaun King’s response to terrorist activities from BLM is “Its only a small percentage!” yet isn’t that what BLM is doing with police officers?

  4. If BLM gathers together and somehow defund the police…gimme time to move out of the country. if the police are in control now and people are rioting and acting up like this image if there were even fewer restrictions and they could get away with more? I feel bad for this country. Democrats are sinking us using the mask of civil rights.

  5. I’m shocked at the fact that “black lives matter” don’t actually DO anything as an organisation. No reforming young black men away from drugs and gangs? No reforming black lives after prison? No helping young black kids get into college or help with college tuitions? What are they doing with all the donations? I couldn’t believe that with all the donations and awareness they’ve gotten, the only programs they provide is “arts + culture” and “black futures month” where black people just sing and dance for a month. Go to their website and see for yourself. I’ve been backing them this entire time, then researched them myself. I couldn’t believe how much they’re lacking. How much they could’ve done in the lasts 6 years but didn’t. If you are going to donate please donate to an organisation that actually help black lives in some way.

  6. Four years latter , they use the same hate terminology in their chants and both Antifa and BLM have been
    responsible for "BILLIONS" of dollars looting and destruction with the leaders openly inciting and defending
    looting and violence. They segregate all police as violent racists when many of them have served their countries
    overseas , have risked their lives saving peoples lives of every ethnicity protecting your property from people
    who are intent to destroy it under this facade.Their "NO" Martin Luther King who did represent real racial
    segregation and did actually represent both the majority of Blacks and Whites with his Ideology. Martin is
    rolling in his grave because this group has created more division in this country then any other group in
    its history.

  7. Sham sham sham sham sham sham…
    I know I sham when I see it and black lives matters is a sham….
    God bless you miss Susan woods…🌹
    LeBron James go play basketball in Brownsville Brooklyn and help those people…
    Black lives matter…. I don't think so.

  8. the US government was preparing payments to each American, one million dollars each, for all the years of oppression. a special bill was prepared, but since the protests died down, the law was never passed. the US Congress is hiding this fact. USA all African Americans could become millionaires. ….

  9. What about all the black unborn babies that are killed in the womb or all the small children sitting inside doing their homework and getting killed by stray bullets from all the black people shooting at other black people?? All this guy on the screen talks about is police brutality.

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