September 22, 2023
Black Lives Matter: What's changed since the 2020 murder of George Floyd?

2 years later, leaders are questioning what has really changed following the 2020 murder that sparked massive …


9 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: What's changed since the 2020 murder of George Floyd?

  1. What changed was that hundreds and thousands of people were robbed of money because the organization that stole it was supposed to do good with that money and they kept it for themselves. Nothing ever changed except you all were duped

  2. All those who fell for the dumbass movement. Crime is way up, calls for more cops way up and the bank account of the BLM founder way up.

  3. Unfortunately nothing has changed. The oppression of POC by whites has got worse in both US and U.K. White supremacy and systemic racism continue

  4. George Floyd was just a symbolic catalyst to a global melanated change in spiritual awakening. The bell ringing in a new era, as the star of Bethlehem in 2020 appeared bright on the night sky as the Great Conjunction of our era. You can see it like this: The line was open, but now the lines are closing. It will no longer be possible to send in new admissions and the already sent and received admissions to us will be processed and analyzed. Admissions since the 1800s – will be looked at thoroughly and on that basis – the redistribution of our planets resources will be decided by the Motherland. In the future – this means that after an age of tyranny, oppression, genocide and terror – running to the excuse bench now is futile. Do not try to hide now, your lack of empathy in the past – to this day – your unwillingness to see eye to eye – will be met with just force from now on. We know you will run and try the blamegame again – try to make the melanated peoples the badguy once they close the gold and cobalt well to your pipelines. Try to adress OUR lack of empathy – as if it is not a just reaction to your centuries of inhumanity. My brothers and sisters – they know the karma is coming for them – he who passes the ball should expect to receive it back in the same way. This is why they have fear, this is why they behave erradical and paranoid, the knowing that what lies in their future is uncertain – how we will respond, they YEARN for clarity – they will demand answers to know the sentencing of their punishment. But let them sit in doubt and show their true colors – let them call to arms for it is all they know – war and violence. Let them smother themselves as we transcend.

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