March 24, 2023
Black Lives Matter

25 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. 58 days of nonsensical violence, death, and destruction. Hundreds of innocent people died in the hands of your "protests". Men, women, and alot of children died because of this bullcrap movement and for what? Great job BLM, you really showed us that you're a "peaceful" movement.

  2. this is what i think white lives dont matter till black lives matter like this is stupid why you shoot someone who didnt deserve it BLM also why people dislikeing this like WOW i hope yall are staying safe <3

  3. And 5 months later a liberatian white guy killed by a minority , white lives matter ???? nah 'cause is a white man and no a minority , if the roles would have been inverted it would have been muslim lives matter or something like that , buy no a white lives matter or a all lives matter would have been racist . Where is a video about Samuel Paty @studytubeproject eh ???

  4. What does blm do with them money? Where can I find information on their community services or projects? The blm website only talks about helping the rapper who's visa expired.

  5. The left hates police too much the right loves them too much really they fall somewhere in between out of personal and many others experiences there are a lot of good and bad eggs

  6. Hello all y’all , so I’m just here trying to understand the blm movement. So I apologize if it sounds like I’m trying to stir shit up .
    My question is : Do ALL Black Lives Matter with blm ? Because it doesn’t say ABLM so theirs room for assumption that maybe certain ones only matter .

  7. no lives matter. peoples lives don't matter because of race just what we do for other people, good or bad…and every race can suck my balls, i don't care.

  8. Black is a color it is not a nationality.? Why can't everyone lives in their nationality. Slum African peoples have accepted the black title Y. European accept the title of being white instead of cold hockey that's a white person do not know their nationality. They accept the title of band called White.

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