September 21, 2023
Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors, Her Cousin Keenan Anderson & When The Movement Hits Home

Season 4 premiere. Host Mara S. Campo sits down with co-founder Patrisse Cullors for an exclusive no-holds-barred interview addressing the accusations against her, her cousin Keenan Anderson’s recent death after an encounter with the LAPD, and how her family will fight for in his honor.
Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “ BLACK ” is a platform that is designed to report from the perspective of Black people for Black people.
“When I started , I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch ’ BLACK NEWS,’” said Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”

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20 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors, Her Cousin Keenan Anderson & When The Movement Hits Home

  1. Shes a Fraud , BLM is a fraud, the jig is up. The AG needs to investigate her and her bs organization that stole donation money to personally enrich her self. NOT ONE DOLLAR DONATED MADE IT BACK TO ANY BLACK COMMUNITY , NOT ONE REC CENTER BUILT, NOT ONE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM CREATED!!! But Patrice made sure to build a trans and gay city in cali, she did make sure to give some of the money to trans and gay groups and buy mansions for herself!!!!

  2. She is an embarrassment to ALL of humanity. She is a fake, insincere liar that has stolen millions. Society will be better if she goes and hides in her stolen homes and lives in shame and never ever comes out in the light again. She will have to answer for MANY things she has done when God meets her at the Pearly Gates before he chooses whether or not she is welcome. So unfortunate. In the meantime people are out there struggling, working, surviving, raising their kids, just trying to do right in the world and get by. Patrice you're not needed nor are you wanted.

  3. Yes, you were waiting for that to happen , and it really did, the devil made it happened. Pray and Trust the Lord.😘Rebuke the
    Devil and he will fleet.
    That's if you are a follower of JESUS.

  4. BLM is & was ALWAYS a SCAM!!!! It was just a plain old fashioned money grab & black people know it , the woman bought mansions & lgbtq procedures for family members ect all the money went to Patrisse cullors for personal gain , no black lives were helped or changed by BLM the entire thing was a scam & Patrisse bought 2 mansions & guess what?? They’re miles away from the closest black person!!! Hmm ya think she’d wanna be around black people , why move into a mansion in a predominantly white area with money that was donated to her for black causes …. She’s out paying for sex changes for family members yeah that really helps police brutality victims ……, woman needs to be arrested for fraud & imprisoned & the money donated to actual charity not Patrisse personal piggy bank get real BLM = SCAM

  5. Patrisse cullors needs to be arrested for fraud & BLM money should be donated to real charities ….. sell the mansions she bought & actually help just 1 black person besides Patrisse cullors & her transgenders family members because that’s who benefitted

  6. She never said where the money went, just it went back out the door 🚪 😮😅 I thought she said she not involved with blm no more, so why are she even there? Where are the other board members…..

  7. "I did not use money to buy houses."
    "Yes of course I bought real estate with the money my mom was in section 8 housing people should be happy for me."

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