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What is Global Meditation?
Global Meditation is an initiative by Black Lotus to facilitate a group of people across the world to meditate simultaneously on a given topic at the same time to bring in a positive shift in global consciousness.

How does a global group meditation help?
Group meditation helps us tap into the secret of collective consciousness.

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What happens during a Global Meditation session?
An expert will conduct a guided meditation for 10-15 minutes via YouTube Live video streaming on every alternate Sunday at 8:30 AM IST. You can join the session from any part of the world and participate with thousands of like-minded individuals.

What should I do to participate in Global Meditation?
Just click on the YouTube link at the scheduled date and time, sit in your favorite meditative pose, and meditate. That’s it!

How do I get reminded about the upcoming meditation sessions?
Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and click the reminder ‘bell’ icon.

You are welcome to invite friends, relatives, colleagues, etc., to be a part of this movement.

Come, let’s meditate together.


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