September 23, 2021

32 thoughts on “Black People need Afrakan centered psychology | Therapy with PTSS

  1. Sister , you are a true warrior here for your people. Bless are those that has a ear to hear. May the Almighty Creator and the Ancestors protect and keep you. May they also give you wisdom on how to move remember play Chess they do.

  2. When someone uses the “do you know that Africans sold each other” narrative to defend slavery, it’s like an abusive person justifying abuse by saying “do you know that your Ex-partner abused you too”? It’s a silly argument. Always strive to be better, not justify evil because you claim someone else committed evil. But have you heard of the phrase Cognitive Dissonance? Denial is an element of cognitive dissonance….

  3. I believe that you wasted your time seeing that therapist. She wasn’t being a professional but someone that imposes her belief and idea on others .As you rightfully say that type of thinking was inherited . Even Utube have Black people monitor Black people comments and these people reach out to other black peoples calling them ugly and Racist when a black person highlighting other black peoples achievements SMH .I have heard a lot of Black people agreeing with other Races saying that Blacks should forget and moved on and stop talking about Slavery. Which is insane. The Jews are not asking to forget about what the Germans did to them .That group of people were given lands and Money and their are lots of things done for them . Every other group got money and even instant citizenship from lots of developed countries.. I am in total agreement with you.

  4. Yes yes sista u hv to look inside ur self n find that healing u already sound like ur the therapist ur talking about hmmmm psychologist same time. live up Empress nuff luv!!!!

  5. You are wise beyond your years and that therapist knew it and was jealous. She was definitely gaslighting you and she was stupid to think that you didn't know that.

  6. Don't fall into the divide and conquer trap. The BIS finances both side of a conflict. Ronald Bernard talks about that saying every human misery is a business plan. The BIS pit men against women, africans against europeans, children against their parents. The real enemy are the very few people who control the world with their fiat money system. They worship satan. The offspring of the top slave masters are still at work. Only when we cut off the head of the snake at the very top of the pyramid will we be able to call this earth the garden of Eden.

  7. that is why any wise black person who think deep with out history told, will definitely figure out that the motto of god bless america was not pronuce by pink or what ever they identify them self as. because they are not belivers.
    And inluding the flag was deign it just as they design the egyt accient.

  8. I love your videos. Your are very eloquent! This video definitely resonated with me. Im studying psychology right now and I was just saying I want to start a practice in Afrika!! These book recommendations helped me so much, I really appreciate you! I'm starting an (All Black Everything) podcast and I would love for you to be apart of it! Please shoot me an email if you're interested:

    P.S.these caucasions were born from us! We are their source, they're just a defected (mutated) genetical version of us with now many sub races. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a fact about their genes. We are the first and always were the first, we are living in the devils world who starts his time with "seconds" bc he knows he is NOT THE FIRST. I have a book for you to read if you're welcome to it! 🙂 Also yes, our gods are not their gods and it's time to let it be KNOWN!! Keep up the good work my sister, it starts with us! 💜

  9. wewe ni dada yatu kabisa your exactly African ur owoner ur one of us karibu Tanzania sana our dada we wish all African people who live outside of Africa they should come back home

  10. Hello Afrikan Royal Queen Tiffany!!
    There are absolutely no words in the Dictionary that can adequately describe your "mental brilliance."

    I am truly astonished Everytime I watch you because I know that whatever topic you discuss will be deep!! "TIFFANY FOREVER"!!!!

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