December 5, 2021

50 thoughts on “Black Star: A Story Of Self-Repatriation To Africa (Ancestry Documentary) | Real Stories Original

  1. 🤨🙄….this guy is full of shit…I am sorry. He is an entitled man child with no sense of responsibility. When he said he grew up in a small town in VA, I was like okay I'm also from VA. So he must live in southern VA. When he said Vienna, I was like 😒. He grew up in Northern VA, like myself. Vienna isn't a small town, but a small wealthy city 10 minutes outside of D.C. Most people in Vienna are upper middle class/wealthy with a median income of $155,400. Pretty much anywhere in Northern VA is pretty well off. There are some pockets here and there, but NOT in Vienna. The area is very diverse…its not like Charlottesville in southern VA where he visited. He is lucky to know his origins of his family history as many people don't know their family path of origin.. It's seems that he is using his ethnicity as an excuse to runaway from himself, rather than addressing issues of his sexuality, personal responsibility of caring for his kids and maintaining some stability to financially sustain himself. He isn't finding shelf, he is actually running away from himself…and its not in Ghana. I am all about being a free spirit and finding your own path for freedom, whether its here in the US or in Ghana, but he is just a glorified fuckboy.

  2. Thank you so much for this documentary. It really makes a difference hearing it from the people who are living it, dealing with it, going through it.
    I could really feel what they meant when they talk about racial issues; and I finally understood not just on an abstract level what people mean by generational trauma from being stolen from their motherland.
    I'm sorry you have still to this day so many battles, I'm sorry you still have to go through automatic judgements based on your appearence, and as an european I feel ashamed of my ancestors for bringing such horrific experiences upon you. I can only promise to always do my best to make you feel as an equal, not only by treating everyone with respect but also to protect you from those who still have the same horrific views and behaviours as my ancestors.
    Sending everyone much love and good vibes 💕🍀

  3. What's sad in this old black/white miserable story, is that black people seems to forget that it was white people that freed them and put an end to slavery. On the other hand, seems like white people forgot what white people did to black people. I for me, I think it's about time we start thinking in terms of human beings, rather then black/white/asian/indian,etc. I mean we're all human beings, sharing the same (beautiful) planet, and life's to short to spend time on little useless little wars.

  4. All fabrication from smoking crack. A black man brought the blacks from Africa to be sold as slaves. There was also white slaves. The majority of slaves were not owned by the South but by people who lived in Northern states. In the South few plantations had slaves. My family was also slaves but I refuse to be a victim or smoke crack and clsim the world owes me..

  5. Stop talking about it and go go back see how great it is over there and then you'll be wishing that you didn't do it and there will be nothing that you can do you'll be stuck there for the rest of your living days!

  6. This guy seems like a grifter to me. Sunru's accent is about as legit as a wooden nickel…

    Likewise, odd that his Reverend Doctor Aunt cant pronounce Sub-Saharan. Youd think such a decorated, esteemed woman would be able to square up on common 3 syllable words, but what do I know…I'm no Reverend Doctor.

  7. We saw that ending coming right from the start🙄 Of course he's back in Oklahoma, drumming that very same repetitive two word routine, living off others as he seemed to have done all his life. There's no free lunches anywhere, you got to work to succeed.

  8. The comments here are horrible. Much of the black community is in the state of being a broken people. The intergenerational trauma is real. The systemic conspiracy to destroy throughout the generations is still operating to this day. How does one blame a broken people for being broken and doing broken things. We must encourage each other to abandon the constructs in our mind that allow us to destroy ourselves. We must encourage each other that the ingrained desire to be free which abounds from our ancestors is a right and true desire and to free our hearts and minds of how we were taught to tear each other down and make enemies within our own selves and communities as opposed to rallying strength against a systemic world oppression that reaches into the very souls of people. Turn back to our creator and stand on the light of The Most High and embrace a future where we can be freed every chain internal and external.

  9. Self-Rapatriation sounds so "force" though.
    It's sounds like "self-punishing", not that it is, just that it sounds like that to me.
    Don't mine me I'm too high right now.

  10. There is so much 'America is racist' bullshit in this documentary it's unbelievable. When are people going to get tired of repeating the same old bullshit narrative over and over again?

    We had a black two-term president FFS

  11. 5:01 This guy is a Nationalist and I support him, but the Democrats think this guy is evil

    This is very racist of the Dems to deny this guy the right to identify with his culture

  12. 3:55 More people should be like this woman. Do something positive with your life. Go and be where makes you happy and stop whining about America which is the greatest country in the world.

  13. Man you got kids, put that drum down and get your a$$ to work somewhere learn a trade and do that drumming and screaming on the weekends. He is making excuses about being a artist cuz he wants to be a damn BUM and do what he wants to do instead of being responsible.

  14. Chemtrails. Now I know it's a comedy.

    'fashion' to rid clothing of chemicals. those werent naturally colored fabrics.

    Sunru rhymes with fool – dudes a grifter

    he's gonna play his drum and try to squat on someone's land.

    went to see his daughter to get that Dollar.

    Y'all holding on to material possessions, give those to me to be free… so that I can continue my grift

  15. This people are insane. They've heard too much jailhouse mentality thinking wanderlust. They are Americans that moved to Africa. Many of them aren't even Ghanaian. What a joke.

  16. IMO, this is good and bad because of the cultural differences. Just listening to the lady talk about the land being full of homes and development – it sounds like she’s escaping America but bringing America with her to this land of pureness and simplicity. It’s like they’re(some) are running away from what they couldn’t deal with in America but bringing American idealism to Africa. Something just doesn’t seem right.

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