September 22, 2023
#BlackLivesMatter: A Look Into The Movement's History | Long Story Short | NBC News

is a movement created as a reaction to police violence and has since reached new levels. » Subscribe to


20 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter: A Look Into The Movement's History | Long Story Short | NBC News

  1. Ha… all the people donated have been scared! And scammed! But hey your money payed for the leaders million dollars homes and has not done crap for communities that they promised to help! So sad… your money donated did not help your communities! Prove me wrong and please tell me how they did???? I've been sharing addresses of there million dollor homes to black people to get help and they have been taken to jail! BLM IF FRAUD.. AND A DISGRACE JUST LIKE OBAMA… WHAT HAS BLM AND OBAMA DONE FOR YOU? I WILL WAIT! ????

  2. I like the Black Lives Matter thing but Dont we as the Human Race need to stop living the Lie that we all have been programed to believe that we are Different because of the color of our Skin?

    This is the Planet Earth we are all from here not Mars now if someone was from mars I could maybe think it was okay to treat them different but come on we are not from Mars so lets all get together as the Human Race and work together and make this a better place for all because there ae much better things to fight about like Starvation in Places like Africa and the Trash bog in the Ocean or War in Russia you know Real issuse not the color of someones skin!

  3. Whites beware the black supremacy and band together. We are at risk, white lives matter, we are being slaughtered. 13% commits over 50% of the murders.

  4. Interesting that no one from the black lives matter terrorist group has been arrested and charged with inciting riots that causes country over 2 billion dollars in damages and multiple injuries and deaths

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