September 22, 2023
#BLACKLIVESMATTER EXPOSED! Lying About 'Racism,' White Cops...Jasmine Abdullah (Episode #3)

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debated #BlackLivesMatter activists and a member of the Black Student Union from Los Angeles Trade-Technical College on “The Fallen State” TV show. The guests disagreed with Jesse on a host of issues regarding race and . They were especially upset about Jesse’s recent comments rebuking singer Beyoncรฉ for her pro- and anti- half-time show performance. The activists were joined in studio by #BlackLivesMatter LA co-founder, (AKA ), the same person who almost caused a riot at a South Los Angeles community meeting with Mayor Eric Garcetti by jumping on top of the mayor’s car as he was trying to leave an already hostile meeting. In June, was convicted of attempted lynching in a Southern California court.

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25 thoughts on “#BLACKLIVESMATTER EXPOSED! Lying About 'Racism,' White Cops…Jasmine Abdullah (Episode #3)

  1. Their minds are gone it's a shame that you see what's going on and they think you're old and stupid something at a 15 year old child thinks a 25 or 30 year old person thinks they're old and they know it all Beyonce is a witch I don't know what to call her husband black lives matter is a hoax it's not the black lives that matter because they do but all lives matter did God come down and say I'm only saving black lives did he say I'm only saving White lives no he said all lives matter. One thing about what she said she's not shaking her stuff Beyond today for the women she's shaking it for a man and I'm a man and my pronouns is man and man!

  2. It's bad enough when adults are being blinded the children are being blinded she's being blinded talking about Beyonce because of her husband plus they want the money. The enemy is blind in everybody or at least he's trying I don't see everything but I can see the main things and it's getting revealed to me more, more and more one thing more look to God and live. Look to Satan and die.

  3. The BLM supporters are sitting here talking trash about America & its citizens and talking about how racism is still holding him, and "his people" back for far too long… Yet, he's sitting there in a nice outfit, looks clean, doesn't look poor, looks as though he has a job and earns money for a living, etc. Can someone, anyone, please explain to me how he is being held back? If things were truly as bad he claims, then he wouldn't be on YouTube expressing his right to free speech. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’ฏ

  4. I'm not the least bit surprised about anything concerning Beyonce. I mean it is common knowledge that Beyonce sold her soul to the devil many years ago when she launched her solo career. And to be honest. I don't feel bad for her at all. She's an adult and she made her own decision to sell her soul for fame, fortune and popularity. And she' ll be the one to pay the ultimate price for doing so. Unlike the rest of this world. I do not praise worship or serve Beyonce in any way by buying watching or listening to any of her material. Never have and never will. But when she said that she plugs up her pu** y with the pages of the Bible when she has her monthly cycle. That was totally it for me!!!??? That right there is proof that she doesn't love or respect God at all. And really. Beyonce isn't all that anyway. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and Christina Aguilera are much better singers than Beyonce anyway. I mean. Beyonce is definitely beautiful and she can sing. But I'm just not impressed with her.

  5. How about focusing on mutual respect instead of focusing on just one type of human because we are all one race we are humans the human ape and sadly a very insignificant thing like pigment divide us and we can never truly ascend beyond the state of animal if we do not work together.

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes, if my 70+ mother looked like Beyonce, could dance like Beyonce and would get paid what Beyonce was would be getting paid, then Yes, Yes, Yes definitely Yes. And it would be very difficult to stop her.

  7. To make the ridiculous statement that gentleman just made you have to be completely oblivious to the actual statistics involving police shooting to believe that blacks in America are in any danger from the police ๐Ÿšจ

    How many black people die per year as victim to police justified or not?

    How many black people fall victim to planned Parenthood?

    How many black people fall victim to inner city violence

    How many black people fall victim to black on black crime

    People really need to look into what is actually affecting the blacks smh

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