September 22, 2023
BlaXit Developing Africa Gambia President's Nephew Encourages Repatriation! #BlaXit

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32 thoughts on “BlaXit Developing Africa Gambia President's Nephew Encourages Repatriation! #BlaXit

  1. This was very emotional to watch. Well done to Juliet and Adrian! You are missionaries for returnees, paving the way for multitudes to return and be healed. Love you and the Brexit family 😚

  2. Thank you sooooooooo mcuh Juliet for saying we come to share and give and not to take and not with being arrogant to the fact we say all is better in the west. If that was the case we wouldnt move back. We come to help, contribute, build and return. This was a great interview.

  3. Please have the government remove the alien status from the passport laws and grant citizenship status to us!!We were stolen by the colonizers and we want to come back home and partner with this brother and all Gambians!!!help us come home please!!!😭 we need you my brother!!!

  4. The power of the BLA XIT FAMILYπŸ’šπŸ’› what an awesome job you're doing my sistah queen with ur amazing husband by ur side absolutely beautiful… A very informative video
    I've added THE GAMBIA to my to do visit list πŸ˜πŸ‘
    much love to the BLA XIT FAMILY ooo πŸ’•πŸ’ž BIGG UP BLESSINGS
    #AfricaForTheAfricians #AFRICARoots β€πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ πŸ’•πŸ‡¬πŸ‡²

  5. Hello. Juliet I feel so blessed, thank you, for all the great information concerning some land . I'm hoping too come too. Gambia this 2020. I need to return back to mother land. I will get sat up for your PayPal to send you some offering.

  6. He should be careful not to make the same mistakes as in Liberia. The newcomers must work with the natives by leveraging the high value currencies of the west and not exploit them. They should integrate and leave all their inferiority complex and bad habits behind.

  7. Its getting there and not knowing anybody that's what is holding us up, it's not cheap flying there I'm saving to come but also I don't know anybody there I'm open to knowing you and the people there so let's connect.

  8. Juliet thank you for your appeal towards CITIZENSHIP, which is very important for us in the diaspora. We are Not aliens. At minimum if we build homes, businesses, or relocate to The Gambia, we should be granted citizenship within one year. I prefer dual citizenship so we can still have free access to & keep benefits we’ve earned in countries we were born to use as an advantage as we relocate to Africa. ❀️

  9. This was a great video, we will be coming over in April to check things out and then again in August hopefully to buy our land. I am hoping that we will be able to connect with you, I live in the US and in the real Estate Business and my sister lives in England. We are looking to retire but hoping also to contribute and maybe do a little business in the Gambia. I am so looking forward to coming out of Babylon, I am tired, looking for some peace, smiling faces and good food (smile). Please let me know how I can get intouch with you when we get there. Giving all Praises to The Most High. Keep up the good work, my sister and I watch all of your videos.

  10. Every African country should ratify laws to automatically qualify African diasporans as citizen of the country of their choice… Juliet continue pursuing it till the end…it's bound to happen..

  11. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ
    I'm all in sista with you.
    I will give my skills,knowledge,insight,input,whatever to help the Gambia when I get there ( INSHA ALLAH)

  12. I am touched by the president's nephew speech and my mind is made up to return to Africa my ancestors land.

    ABBA FATHER hear our troubles and guide us through this land.

    One Love
    AFRICA and AFRICANS unite and develop Africa Continent.

    AFRICA and AFRICANS are blessed.

    Afro Americans, Afro Caribbean people now is the time to return to the mother land Africa without any problems.
    Our ancestors spirit are pleased with our decision to return.
    Our ancestors did not make it to return but their spirits has returned and is pleased to see us.

    I have made up my mind.
    I would love to live in the mountains of Gambia or the hills overlooking the sea.
    I am dreaming of a retirement home in the hills of Gambia.

    We need to leave Europe and it's racism behind us.
    Afro Americans and Afro Caribbeans needs financial services to return to our mother land Africa.

    Please share the message of Bob Marley songs
    AFRICA and AFRICANS must unite and develop our own continent.

  13. Afro Americans and Afro Caribbeans are the ones who built America, Europe and UK wealth off the enslavement of our ancestors.

    Only America uses the word alien species.

    AFRICA and AFRICANS please help us to return to our mother land. Especially the Afro Americans who are being killed in the UK and USA by racist cops because of the colour of their skin colour.

    Afro Americans and Afro Caribbeans time to return to Africa Continent and live stress free.

  14. I want to come and live and work/grow my business in The Gambia… I don't know how it will be possible but I desire to have land and become a citizen and teach… I've never been there, yet just through the videos alone I feel like I'm being called home. Why would I continue to labor here in a place that continues to fight us and kill us… I already know that when my feet touch African soil I am not going to want to come back here. My journey has already begun…. I've gotten rid of my rental home… downsized most of my belongings to the essential tools of my trade… finally gotten my passport… I don't exactly know how or when yet… but I now know where!

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