September 22, 2023
BlaXit Developing Africa REPATRIATION IS A MUST! #BlaXit

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22 thoughts on “BlaXit Developing Africa REPATRIATION IS A MUST! #BlaXit

  1. This is their first time in The Gambia I am so proud of them. They both realised that there was nothing worth going back for. More power to them. Please call me in Gambia in Gambian time please on 002202405273 if you need our help repatriating.

  2. Your wonderful supporting your people; to make that change. I have it in mind to come over to Gambia with my husband to see if we could fit in. i would appreciate it very much if you would be help use too. Your a blessing.

  3. Powerful, beautiful and wonderful Reparation is going to happen and those of you that don't believe, there was a time we thought slavery would never end so stop the madeness

  4. In uk they have acknowledged, The role britain played in the Atlantic slave trade holocaust, With the removal of statues, But reparations is the big one. Full admission uk.

  5. There are news reports that Corona virus cases are rising in Africa could you please please do a video on what is going on in this regard..they are reporting that they are giving vaccines in Africa..we need to know the truth from the people of Africa.

  6. Hello. I am African American. I want to repatriate, and are considering The Gambia. For two people, how much it would take to move to The Gambia and buy land. Also, I would like to know if the practice of Christianity is acceptable in the Gambino community. Thank you so much already for the education that I have received. Appreciate what you are doing for our people.

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