September 21, 2023
Bobby Seale: Seize the time (audio bk pt 9)

3 thoughts on “Bobby Seale: Seize the time (audio bk pt 9)

  1. thank you thank you so much im so in to this book it help me find what i need to be doing with my life .. these brother but there lives on the line for us. It hurt to that the moment die with them.. thanks once again keep up the go work..

  2. This is hilarious. Fascism? Not getting a lawyer who is unavailable? You don't have a right to wait for your favorite lawyer to be available. Only gave him enough money to buy a cheeseburger, milkshake and fries? Had a pile of dirt in his cell? Didn't let him call a lawyer every time they moved him on a cross country transport? Is this for real? How do people go their whole lives without learning about how the fascist treated prisoners? How do communists say ridiculous things like these after Stalin ran actual death camps and their hero Mao skipped trials and prisons altogether– starving and murdering enemies immediately. This story is what privilege sounds like. Privilege and extreme ignorance of history.

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