September 22, 2023
Body Count - No Lives Matter (official video)

37 thoughts on “Body Count – No Lives Matter (official video)

  1. WOW!!! WOW!!! Ice Tea is so fuckin' right. Thank you for setting ppl straight. And YES, Ice Tea needs to be in the, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Kick A$$ song!!!

  2. If they really cared about black lives and weren’t just a movement which funded the democrat party and mansions for the organisers, they would have said black lives matter too! Stop police brutality. As black people obviously can’t fix it themselves and needed more white people on their side but instead they did the opposite besides the woke nutters who believe biological men who think they are women should compete with biological women in sport and win everything. And think it’s totally cool for the woman of the year to be a biological man.

  3. My response to the "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter" arguement : That's group think and talk. It generalizes and desensitizes. As Stalin said "the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of one million is a statistic."
    I prefer to say Each Life Matters. Your life matters, mine matters. Keep it personal, the more we think of each other as groups, the more we can be manipulated by division.

  4. if the us stoppin its aggressive foreign policy and usin the money for the poor instead for the greedy military-industrial complex, gettin back to core principles, the "inner war" can end very quickly.

  5. what i have seen, there is no white people gangs shooting each other. there is no gangs of white people attacking each other. but there IS whole lot of both of those kind of black people attacking each other, and shooting each others. why can't you black people even stay in peace, even with your own? just watch reddit videos, who are always attacking and fighting?? well black people are

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