September 18, 2023
Bomani Live & Uncut - Repatriation to Africa from Amerikkka - Get Out

Live & Uncut in Cascade Southwest Atlanta Bomani goes into serious discussion about and nation building in .


17 thoughts on “Bomani Live & Uncut – Repatriation to Africa from Amerikkka – Get Out

  1. Bomani we enlightened Ghanaians are going home to build with you all. Thank you for your efforts. My Grandmother use to ask me If I saw people that look like us and believe in Black growth. Yes, I have seen some and it is YOU, SAS, and others!! Together we will build our black empire again.

  2. Black people to pale people are the MONEY. We represent MONEY to them, so if we represent their wealth, how do you think they can allow us to make money and Built wealth under their paradigm and system which spelled out openly that we have to be the consumer class for their poisonous merchandise ?
    They make money when we're born and they make money when we're dead. Even their police make more money on overtime when we're laying dead on the street. It's reported that that's the money they use to pay for their Harley Davidson motor bikes.
    "GET OUT"

    Print this on a T shirt and sell. "GET OUT of Amerikkka"

  3. im going to ghana soon i really need to click up with yall,,,i dont have a degree to work on the website africa for africansif i could work for you'll i would doe should i sign up anyway..

  4. Please, Bomani whenever you have the chance, tell African-Americans that no African ever sold them. As a local African, I can tell you that I have listened to witnesses, one of them being my own great grandmother who died in 1968 at age 102. I was 8 years old at the time. I have also done research for 30 years between Ghana, America and Canada. There is no evidence of any Kingdom in Africa that officially sold slaves. There is evidence though that White people bought servants of war (In Africa prisoners were servants at palaces) from some powerful kingdoms and turned them into slaves. There is also evidence that White people forced some physically fit local men to capture their own people for them to be sent overseas as slaves. These were people under the threat of a gun. Some who refused were killed in cold blood and others were castrated in front of everybody to serve a lesson. Africans did not receive a dime from the Slave Trade. The Europeans are playing all these cards to whip up sentiments between the 2 different groups of Africans in order for the them to walk away with their atrocities. They know it's easier to blame your family than a stranger. If anybody thinks locals in Africa ever sold slaves, let them bring the evidence. We cannot only rely on different stories from people who know nothing no matter who or where. We need concrete evidence or proof.

  5. Bomani that is what I have heard from the ancestors too. we have wasted enough time in the diaspora squabbling over nonsense.

    A few months ago I decided to call some African embassies in the states and enquired about the citizenship process. I was told that in order to get full citizenship that we either have to have a business or marry an actual citizen. What would be some good examples of businesses to start in Ghana? I am all for nation building on the continent and building sustainable communities for all black Afrikan people

  6. You mentioned many countries in Africa where diaspora Africans can visit or relocate to but not Nigeria and that's a damn shame because Nigeria has put in so much efforts and resources to helping many African countries in the past and even till now. This visible aparthy towards Nigeria by a section of the diaspora community(you being one) is appalling. But know one thing, Nigeria has been home to many Africans for ages and will still welcome any African or diaspora African who is interested in visiting or relocating. Nigeria has a big role to play in any emancipation of Africa NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. Bless for now.

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