November 28, 2021

21 thoughts on “Books To Sharpen The Melanated Mind

  1. Greetings Beautiful People🤎 Please enjoy this mini Book review of these four books that really helped to enlighten my spirit as a Melanated person on this earth, hopefully they will do the same for you.

  2. Thank you Queen Tiffany for this mini review. I am reading at the moment one the books you recommended : "Light from Ancient Africa" by Ph. D. Na'im Akbar. Very enlightening.

  3. Thank you Tiffany shikor (shikor means beautiful in my language Tigrinya). I will get every single one of the books you mentioned. I appreciate this video so much! Keep them coming!

  4. Our minds are our greatest asset in this mental world.. the more we read the more consciously aware we become as a people, but unfortunately most of our people don't take time to read and have lost their memory of their true spiritual identity. Our thoughts create our reality, and therefore if we need to see our original state we must learn to remember who we are as a people

  5. Thank you for this young one🙏🏿 it’s true left handed folks are very creative, most left handed ppl I know can draw✍🏾 I will check out the 1st book, it’s sounds intriguing 🧐 I do have the 2nd book, it is filled with need-to-know valuable information. Good commentary. Peace & Harmony lil sista ✨👍🏿🤩💖💚👊🏿✊🏿

  6. Yes in Africa we suffered colonialism , were black Africans were segregated against in every way , buying groceries from small windows , we had residential areas meant for black people and those for white people , coloured people found themselves in between. As Africans our identity was disrupted in the colonial era whereby some Africans started to look down upon our culture and instead embraced white culture and like you rightly put it this exists to this day.

  7. You right about that we know a lot about everybody else culture but our own as a hole first we have to desire to want to learn about ourselves and many of us do not care to because of the history of slavery and abuse which is yet not history when it's still thriving within the system in the American culture our parents did not talk about it much if any at all because we just learned to live within structure that was always very apparent in my time comedians and the few black sitcoms were our therapy it was all we had 🌄

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