Helloooo! Bonjour!! Holla!!!!! Welcome to the volume of Sebenology, this time featuring the talented Bourkina Faso Mboka Liya! In 1986 at Kingasani, he was a cabri seller. One day, he will be surprised by Malembe Chant (musician of victoria Eleison) playing guitar. He was invited by Malembe Chant to join his band Select Musica where he mentored the young musicians of his neighborhood Kisangani but Serge Kasongo refused, according to him he risked being ridiculed by the Kinois as he came fresh from the village and his accent “Lingala” was not Kinois.
After being convinced by Malembe Chant, Serge Kasongo will join select Musica where he will be christened Burkinafaso Le Mugu Mugamba by Malembe Chant.
Under the supervision of Malambe Chant, Burkinafaso will become a great guitarist in Kingasani before being known throughout the city of Kinshasa.

When he opted to play in a large orchestra, he preferred Choc stars of Ben Nyamabo. He is from Bandundu, his whereabouts, some say Bayanzi, some say Muyaka, its a never-ending mystery lol. In the mid-late 1990’s, he started “le pigeon voyageur” he went back in forth between Defao’s Big Stars (Amour Interdit, Sala Noki, Les Carlots, Amour Scolaire) and Wenge BCBG (Titanic, Zenith, Olympia, T.H., Pentagone, Boston Live, Abidjan Live). He also played with Bozi Boziana’s Anti Choc at a couple time (Ma Raison d’Etre; Heros Ya Congo).

Around 2000, he left Wenge BCBG for Wenge Maison Mere de Werrason and was featured in the successful Bercy concert. Atalaku Bill Clinton Kalondji was enthusiastic by his style that he coined specific animations just for him on “Terrain Eza Mine” (2000). Burkina and Maison Mere participated couple of concerts related to the release of Werrason’s solo album “Kibuisa Mpimpa/Operation Dragon” (2001) where he plays on Operation Dragon generique, Annie and Le Vent de Soir. In 2004, he will return to Wenge BCBG and be featured on Anti Terro and featured in some concerts. Again “Le Pigeon Voyageur”, he’s always looking for some projects to work. Currently settled in London, England, he accompanies artists on concerts such as Kanda Bongo Man, Renato Mundele (also played with Defao), Jeannot Bell (check out the channel Soukous Congo), Nzaya Nzayadio (also was in Choc Stars), etc. Plesir!

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Correction: Dada plays on Cache Cache (Choc Stars)
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