September 17, 2023
BPC Grand Master Dr.Clarke Rebukes Sara Suten Seti on The Importance of Nationality. Dr Henrik

38 thoughts on “BPC Grand Master Dr.Clarke Rebukes Sara Suten Seti on The Importance of Nationality. Dr Henrik

  1. @12yash34 Seti is on Crack, cant sleep, cant trust the BPC members anymore, not even his inner circle,
    now Seti is trying to cut Ashra Kwesi's nutts , by trying to organize a a trip to Mexico, trying to sift people away from Ashra and Mari Kwesi's Kemet Nu Tour every summer, Seti is a snake, he made the Moors Stronger, and stirred interest in the Moors, not the other way around

  2. @imhotep1 Dr Clarke said there is no land called " Blackolla ", Noble Drew Ali never called us an Asiatic Black Man, that was Elijah Muhammad, so
    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, Dr Clarke did agree with the Prophet but it was toward the end of his life,,
    Dr Clarke had beef with Elijah and Farrakhan, he also knew that Noble Drew Ali had the only solution , he said we should not answer to such " stupid words " like Black , negro and colored, watch the video again family

  3. Dr. Clarke's word here are hard for some to take, but believe me , it is Dr. Clarke speaking here, and he knows what he is doing, some brothers turned on Dr. Clarke because of these words, and they now distance themselves from him. brothers need to tighten up and take all this emotion out of the equation and listen to this video again

  4. @12yash34 in the beginning Dr Clarke was blinded by anger, but the old he got his eyes were opened, and he evolved, he did not stay stuck in black stuff, stuck on stupid like many new age afrocentrics, Dr Clarke called black a stupid word when it was all said and done, so, you better come in man

  5. @Sk8trappintwentyfor7 Seti is finished, he never said the word nationality, Seti never used the word nationality, nor did any of you're hero's, To call this a dickhead video is to call Dr Clarke a Dickhead @Sk8trappintwentyfor7
    don't get angry with Dr Clarke, Dr Clarke is just stating the Obvious . Seti agree's with nothing Dr Clarke says here. Dr Clarke is rebuking Seti's whole philosophy. Tell me when was the last time Seti called Dr. Clarke a Grand Master Teacher? not for a while,

  6. Dr Clarke said " We are a Nation within a Nation " or a Wheel within a wheel. Dr Clarke says we answer to such Stupid words as Black, but there is no land called Blackolla, he said Back tells you how you look but not who you are etc.

  7. @Sk8trappintwentyfor7 Seti is all about worshiping Africans, but we live here, we were born right here, we have always been right here.
    Seti has now been replaced by " JT Riley " JT makes moor sense than Seti

  8. @walla2girl, awe,that's cute. See, the issue is, you have the choice to ignore your history & heritage, we don't; We were kidnapped, & most ties to our cultures were cutoff. We were given stupid Hebrew & European names & forced to live in a place that is not our home, then, when many of us tried to go back (20's), it was sabotaged by the FBI.+As hard as we've fought for the USA(in all wars) every measure was taken to assure us we were not only non-American, but subhuman. I'm no damned American

  9. @12yash34 This is false information! Garvey, after the Prophet went down to visit him in the penitentiary in Atl, Ga, said that he was pleased with the Prophets Divine and National Movement. Source? Chicago Defender November 19, 1927. Your information is wrong. Ethioipia and Nuba are names that our people of those lands rejected. This Moor deals with actual facts and scholarships, no emotions. Thats why ya boy Seti scared to step up. You can in his place. ISLAM!

  10. @RBGBLACKGODS if you notice setis latest cry for money to go to mexico ( not Africa anymoor ) you will see a guy that is clearly High On Crack, check it out fam. Natural Tahuti is a Substance Abuse Counselor, even he can clearly see that seti is abusing crack cocaine and begging for money, he clearly is not the same cat
    good luck with that.

  11. @imhotep1 Riley is ok , he keeps it real, it seems like you rely on seti to be your messiah, you need to study yourself, think back hard into your mind, see where you were thousands of years ago, were you truly a Lucy type ape, running around in Africa loaded with flee's ?

  12. These new found Moors under Drew Ali take anything out of context and claim anything refering to Moor or close.. Dr. Clarke is a proud endorser of Marcus Garvey.. Who came b4 ALI.. and when he seen the government shut the Afrikaan Garvey Movement down ALI tried to use Turkish Moorish Islam.. and look what happened 70 yrs later…lmao

  13. Dr. Ivan Van Sertima talked about the Moors and they belong in our history just as much as KMT. We are Moors just as much as we are Afrikans because the Moors were an Afrikan people who were invaded by the Semites and Berbers. Even Barashongo will tell you that and also Dr. Ben said it. I'm down with Marcus Garvey and I've been actually researching Moorish history from the Grand Masters. If you're gonna claim your history then claim it all. I'm working on getting nationalised as a Moor.

  14. i dont understand your point when u say debunking sara suten seti…dr. clarke teaches us that we are africans and not moors as well other grand master teacher. and, seti is picking up where they left off and teaching us our african nationality

  15. The author of this video has a beef with Seti, but instead of actually dealing with Seti, the author tries to take things Dr. Clarke has says out of context.

    What is the point in mentioning Seti? Dr. Clark never mentions Seti, and furthermore, when Dr. Clark or Dr. Van Sertima mention MOORS they are NOT talking about those under Drew Ali.

  16. @bds10181978 Moors hate the word Black, but have AMERICAN in their name. Vespucci was an Italian, yet these so~called Moors title themselves in his honor. A question I saw Seti pose to some moors and the two brothers looked like deer in headlights.

  17. @imhotep1 Exactly!!! These so~called Moors of the Science Temple W.I.S.H. that Jochannan, Van Sertima, and Clark were discussing them when they mention MOORS.



  19. dont engage in frivolous antics about things that detract from our underlying premise an wide variety of info that has been giving to us its an exercise in futility

  20. I don't agree with everything a person might say, but that I know to be wise counselling/ teaching, i accept. Rest i throw away. Old brother been on trail long time. I like a lot he says. We are a messed up people, in the valley of dry bones. God is our answer, and His Son He sent to get us out of our troubled situations…as we are not in trouble again. Some like to call Him Yeshua..Hebrew name for (english name) Jesus, folks are arguing. Whatever U want to call Him… bettter call Him quick.

  21. This tricknowledgy title for this video is typical of the cowards who are propping themselves up as if they mean Black ppl any good by calling ALL Black ppl moors. Foolishness. I am NOT a Moor. I am a KhemWerite, that's my nationality. Now what do you have to say? Nothing, cause you are full of schitt as revealed by this tricknowledgy title. Dr. Clarke, whom I've met in person when my student organization sponsored him to come give us a lecture in the 90's, never said not one word about Moors!!

  22. Do y'all fools not see with your own two eyes all the videos of Dr. Clark destroying everything about you moors?!? Y'all do ur best to remove the origins of spirituality from Afrika and try to place it in fool ass Canaan. GTFOH! With ya white loving half ass doctrines and copy cat religions. Moors and christians all of you sold and held slaves for profit like it was a business, which is different from being a P.O.W. Y'all should know better than to keep trying to fool ppl. GTFOH!!

  23. You Can't Philosophise Your Way Out Of Black National Self Defense: See Bro. Seti In Opens Debate: Mr Have All the Answers Except Defense Of Black People! Only a Moron Would Openly Challenge Seti.You Know How to Find Him. And For the Honorable Dr John Henrik Clarke So-Called Rebuke That Was Carefully Witchcraftted into The Opposite of What He Said. Doubt if the General Was Even In the Same Room as The Great and Mighty Walker Dr Clarke…Sir.

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