BRADLEY GUNN RAVER: Love Life and Rave | Mixmag Originals

Bradley Gunn Raver is the viral sensation flown around the world.
He has Asperger’s syndrome, but sober raving has helped him socialise with other people.

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Lock Eyes ‘At Corsica’ [Lobster Theremin]

Ben Klock ‘Twenty’ [Klockworks]

Elon & KiNK ‘The Nest’ [ReSolute Records]


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  1. This guy stands out cos almost every one at a rave will be on some kind of drugs. So he’s not your normal guy in a rave. He’s moved purely by joy of being in that moment. Something we lose as we grow older, and try to relieve self medicating on drugs. Be true to yourself. Don’t do drugs!

  2. Well done, Bradley!
    Done that, been there, clubbing since year 2000, have no specific syndromes (yet).
    Hardly anyone understood how on Earth it's possible to dance like there's no tomorrow without any drugs/alcohol, etc…I only needed a few mineral bottles a night to keep me hydrated, that's all… it's just the way you are, music is your 'high', your best friend, your amazing trip and so as long as you're able to hear it, you don't need anything else!


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