October 18, 2021

11 thoughts on “Brazil's Growing Black Consciousness because of Social Media

  1. País tão racista. Af! Não se dão conta que quando morremos ficamos todos no caixão servindo de comida pra larvas. Não se leva a cor da pele, nem os cabelos e nem os olhos. Cagamos todos com fedor, vomitamos, temos mal hálito de manhã, temos os orgãos todos iguais, só diferenciados pela gene, ficamos todos doentes. Sem energia interna desfalecemos e morremos. Mas nem Deus dando todos esses índices, esses estúpidos não caem na real.
    Estúpidos os que se acham brancos. Quando vêm para o exterior sofrem racismo por não serem tão claros assim.
    Quando olho um racista, francamente o tamanho da ignorância dói.

  2. O Zumbi dos Palmares foi um senhor de escravos. Saia da históris mentirosa que a esquerda prega. Pesquise melhor sobre o tema.

    Zumbi dos Palmares is a lie. He realized a center of slaves in Brazil. The brazilian fake news lie. She capt public finances to sale this shits.

  3. It's sad that we being the descendants of slavery must hit the reset button. Sorry world, but it must be done. We have all lost our identity.As a result we live under empirical sircumstances.Would any human soul wish to continue to play that game. The underclass game. We are not the underclass nor are welcome the fringe. We were solid creators and investors. We come from somewhere. Our intellect is real.We are of the universe. We as any race of man have a destiny .Others worry when you wake up.I don't think we want to hate anyone.But if that's what you think. So be it. Just a reminder, those in power today were in power yesterday, and they will be in power for all esistance.Self identity will give you power. Once empowered, through love. You can accomplish anything. I hope and pray that when we find ourselves we will not become evil and ugly in our souls as our current examples have shown us.We don't have to to love. But it is right to love your species.

  4. I only recently discovered the black population of Brazilian, and it has lead me to so much research about what its like for our brothers and sisters around the world. I find it hard to meet afro Brazilians in London, ive only met white and asian descent Brazilians. I wish yo know more and meet afro Brazilians

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