October 20, 2021

9 thoughts on “Bre🜁th t🜁lk: K🜁pt🜁inpl🜁ntit + mini session

  1. Yes there are stereotypes (labels) around things that are good for you spiritually mentally and physically in many avenues.
    I personally think it's a way of pushing trauma an or population control through influence.
    People are not black or white, black is gold or u melanin.
    Knowledge is power,
    When people talk bout they power tht is energy,
    And love is the ability one has to learn.
    Semen retention is loving(learning) yourself and outside while retaining knowledge into your seed growing your love.

  2. If we consider the Sun to be electromagnetic… the sun is closer in winter … the sun is furthest in summer…. Think in terms of using magnifying glass 🔍 with the sun light…

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