September 22, 2023
BREAKING NEWS!! Black power teacher SARA SUTEN SETI is actually a WHITE person !!!!

41 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!! Black power teacher SARA SUTEN SETI is actually a WHITE person !!!!

  1. The thing with the moors u want to free us using semantics your black becoues were the children of the slave you can't change that by what u call ur self . the man said the guy told him your not those people because u have a culture .moor is not a culture dummy.

  2. Wow. A brother who tries to teach the people. And this ashy Larry nigga tries to do jokes.. and clips …Seti coming with facts and scholarship under dr.ben…and other Master teachers.., got this ashy hoodie nah yo

  3. See it niggas like you that's the fuckin problem in our community fuck you weak ass using click bait for talking down on a person that's at least trying to make some kinda change in the evil ass fucked up society and system we live in u should be shame, but I know you ain't……so sad fucked up man.

  4. Brother seti never said he was an arab. And the federal whoever guidelines is the authority that has a rope around black people neck. And the brother in this video came to detroit and met with our group. He is saying his mother is nubian meaning black.

  5. Where is your proof, receipts, did you look into his parents back round, oh you a Moor, you on that huh, do better we got worser problems than that. Get all people of our color together to fight what got a hold on use to be free. We have Dane Callaway already dropping a bomb on us, this the best you can do. I'm ready for revolution my brother Malcolm X style, don't you forget that. People aren't ready for change, a lot of people are comfortable with things the way they are, I personally am not and ready to change things for our children witch I might add, are you making a change for our future aka our children. Shut the fuck up period, if you not ready to fight for our children to live better in this demonic world, I don't want to hear it!

  6. The beige BULLSHIT😱😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😳😳😳😳😳😳


  8. You guys dont even realize why a black man comes from another country abd are considered white in Amerikkka. There are many black people locked up that are labeled as white so people would think its more white people in jail or prison than there really are.

  9. Shit try telling that to Bill Cosby and R Kelley lol that don't mean shit statues my ass y'all better wake up and wake and understand that we live in a system of white supremacy and that's real quit playing because they're not playing with us

  10. The problem is most people don't understand Moorish American. So I stead of teaching each stranger u come by u break it down to simple words they understand. Understand?

  11. WOW SMH REALLY We always putting each other down and hating on each other , Sade was born in Nigeria. Im wondering what's on every one birth certificate πŸ™„πŸ€” and every one righteous now but when cat's get locked up look at the description they put on the arrest records

  12. Read the book "What The Hell's Wrong With America: Hint- It Ain't Race -2015-2017: The Evil Years ", by Lester Vereen Bey, writing as Dr. Lune A. Teek . In this book I go into detail concerning this issue. I also ask a lot of questions. A hell of a lot of questions. As I state in the book we as "black" people have a very nasty habit of accepting things that are given to us by anyone, at anytime, in anyplace as long as it sounds good or fits an agenda that we THINK we are supposed to be a part of. I appreciate the Sunday School lesson brother Moor. Keep the faith and the good work.

    Lester Vereen Bey
    Dr. Lune A. Teek

    June 16, 2022

  13. Bruh yall false truth tellers should stop talking about our race how you moorish putting your people down we are all Africans and we lived in America as Africans you should take your study book amd get it together stop listing to white ppl. Kemetic culture is in yoruba and Rwanda stop playing with 19th talk because we are in the age of knowledge and unity. I'm am a child of Ramessu ii bloodline not by 23 and me talling but using ancient scientist from Kemetic knowledge.. this video is about white people telling us who we are … stop your bs bro E1 blood 9ether bro

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