September 25, 2021

34 thoughts on “Breaking news…Major riots in South Africa…Police pull back…Military moving in.

  1. If I shoot, it's to kill not wound ,scare, or anything else. If it gets that bad there are no legal ramifications, it's either you or them. So this talk of using bird shot is stupid, and surprised you even said that.

  2. When The Meltdown finally comes and it is coming soon me and mine will not worry about NONLETHAL all Evildoers Will get Their Contracts Canceled first and then Law ENFORCEMENT For being in The WAY and letting it Happen ,along with All National Guard And Military ,When we move them Out of The Way ,We can Execute " The New World Order " America IS ABOUT to DIE ,AND IT DESERVES IT ,The LORD JESUS CHRIST is The ONLY WAY NOT GOVERNMENT .

  3. dudes found corrupt gets a year and a half so you destroy ur whole country, Theres gotta be more to the story because that sounds so retarted.(I Bet Biden Supporters Would Do The Same Thing When Hes Found Corrupt. Because He Is Corrupt, They Just Dont Wanna Believe It)

  4. Hi, I'm x south african living in the uk but my family still lives in SA and been sending me the videos and voice notes from what's app that they are receiving… even in some voice notes they say they (the looters) that they are going to go for the water and powers stations and going to burn them down also have video where cops loot as well with police vehicles in uniform.

  5. Global food prices are at the same level as 2011. The Arab Spring was in North Africa, this time looks like it will be in South Africa where all the precious metals mines are.

  6. People in South Africa are reporting chaos nationwide including residential streets. It’s like all their malls and shopping centers are being destroyed at once.

  7. Not as bad as the insurrection here on Jan 6 the police pretty much turned away did little to nothing as a mob of lawbreakers tried to overturn national election results and overthrow the elected government

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