May 27, 2022

47 thoughts on “#BREAKING Protesters rally in Bamako in Support of French Ambassador’s Expulsion

  1. We are the Arawaks Indians, the Maroons of Jamaica, the Caribs of the Caribbean, the Thienos of Puerto Rico, the Blackfeets, Pequots Waponagues, Cherokees, Simonoles of Florida and all the other Indian tribes. We are all Africans and not what the Whiteman showed us in the movies. The Whiteman said that there is no good Indians but a dead one and that is why we are killed without mercy even today!!!!

  2. Africa has been abused, neglected, exploited…. Africa is the largest continent in the world. With its diamonds, cobalt, gold…Africa is the richest continent in the world. With this wealth. Africa can establish its own currency, African Currency. Many countries do not use the dollar any more. I, as an Ethiopian stand by YOU. KEEP IT PEACEFUL EVEN IF PROVOKED. O…. Mother Africa sitting on a pile of gold and diamonds and can't feed your children who have to walk bare foot to village school.
    Enough is enough

  3. Malians rally in support of this but let me tell you 1.5 billion Africans who cannot be present but deep in our hearts we are there with you. This number is excluding the current traitors of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameron Madagascar and all other French and English speaking traitors whose day's are numbered. We are more powerful than them especially having our brothers and sisters in the army with us. Let's kick them out one traitor per week. No more business as usual in Africa. The LION is up now let all step aside.

  4. This century has shown the youth of Africa need a different direction of it future in Africa no to the colonial master that is ripping the country apart Mali peoples deserve to dream with the rest of Africa want to be independent so they can serve it populations this is why I say Africa is rising

  5. That's how y'all feel ✊🏿💥kick out All👻 Mzungus..RUN THEM OFF THE MOTHER CONTINENT- they came they raped they stole refused to return what they stole and refused to get out of land they trespassed on and they are still raping and trafficking our children no one should be in power or a leader of any country on the mother confident that allows them to remain they have to be removed -we Africans are the law in Africa remove the Jackal 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇺🇲fully

  6. This shows that Time for French in Africa is over. Why everytime nonstop & heavy problems are in France's former colonies& her twin sister Belgium ? Take example :

    Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Equetarial Guinea, Hiit, DRC, Congo Brazaville, Rwanda, Burundi,Chad,Central Africa etc

    Question why Franch always?
    They pretend to love African by having a big number of black players in National Time as matter of brain washing us. This time they have nock the rock.

    I saw one Pan-Africanist called Dr. Russa saying that " The Coup d'etor in Mali didn't involve French and that for the first time African have made coup again Western.

    Brove to Mali, Brove to Ethiopia R. I. P John Pembe Joseph Magufuri….

  7. Well done Mali…!!!. This is long overdue. As Bob Marley said, Africa unite… Marcus Garvey said, Africa for Africans.. rid yourselves of the colonial leeches..

  8. May our ancestors back you up and shame those thieves who are destroying our lands and lives to to benefit themselves.
    Africa enough is enough France leave Africa and Africans alone.

  9. Rise Africa rise up and tell imperialist that enough is enough. Let Africans stop being the doormat for other races. You are not children of a lesser god. Wake up African youths and kick out your colonial errand stupid and greedy so-called leaders. Let them go and live with their masters and enjoy their looted African wealth they stored abroad.

  10. Africans need to be in control of our own destiny, that means No Arab, Asian, West control, we have to be able to self determine ourselves!

  11. I think 2nacheki should work on translation of the news to French and Portuguese (maybe as subtitles) for non English African speakers to understand. Thereby increasing accessibility of information and integration (to) and of the continent. We stand with Mali🇲🇱 from🇬🇭

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