September 21, 2023
Britain's colonial legacy in Ireland under spotlight after Black Lives Matter protests - BBC News

Continuing controversy over the future of some public , and protests by the movement, are shining a new light on aspects of Britain’s imperial past.

For the latest in a series of reports considering the of , Sophie Raworth presents at Ten reporting by Fergal Keane, who has been to the province of in the Republic of Ireland, one of the early testing grounds of .

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48 thoughts on “Britain's colonial legacy in Ireland under spotlight after Black Lives Matter protests – BBC News

  1. Unlike other western governments the British government hasn't declared the holodomor to be a genocide because then they would have to admit that the Irish famine was a genocide.

  2. As an Irish man I can tell you what is not mentioned here is how our own so called "leaders" sold our lands and people. It is mentioned in the song "patriot game". Our so called leaders are as slimy now as the were back then.

  3. And now we have thousands upon thousands coming from the dark continents who have zero in common with us telling us how we have some sort of privlidge. Unbelievably

  4. Sally O Flynn. How dare you speak of privlidge on others behalf. Come and work on my fields in the west of Ireland and I'll show you privlidge when you are up at 5am every morning in the wet and cold just to keep a roof over my family's head. Then talk about privlidge.
    Silly little girl.

  5. Every Irish man, women and child should be compansated just like the jews are compensated by Germany. For crimes against our people, and just to clarify at the start the reporter said the Irish where not made slaves, that is incorrect, the Irish where the first slaves of the the British empire.

  6. This man can speak for himself and not on behalf of all Irish people who hold their history and what happend to their ancestors before hand . Speak facts rather then beat around the bush and use the word (genocide) and call it exactly as it is and not water it down to appease anyone around the globe , and to say we weren’t enslaved is a fkn joke and the height of ignorance when the Americans themselves can admit to what happend to the Irish over there when they were called the “first white slaves” banners hung in windows calling for no “Irish” need apply or “no Irish or blacks” the audacity and disrespectf this man stance on Irish history is appalling, Irish had no choice but to flee because their resources were taken into English hands and sold back in their own country , Irish fled to America only to be treated as animals for the best part until they started taking to the civil right movements with the blacks, Irish children were stoned walking to school in their own country which is actually on video on YouTube , Bloody Sunday when the English decided to open fire at innocent people for no reason atall , and to keep on calling it the potato famine to this day is a joke , it was genocide simple as , millions of people died and the remaining people had to leave , peoples language was taken from them they were degraded and looked down upon as dirt so you don’t speak on behalf of Irish people

  7. This was pure genocide. The British shipped food out of Ireland and millions starved to death. It had nothing to do with there being a famine. Why isn't Britain compensating Ireland like the Germany is with Israel.

  8. The Irish were made slaves and the English manufactured the famine, then the planters came in and stole the land. Bbc will not talk about this but it is known the British has been trying to remove irish culture and tradition from language to sport since the invasion began. Its hard to listen and watch people brush over the Irish people's history and replace it with lies

  9. Funny how those who gave speech in this video between 3:2703:47 have caused the death of millions in Iraq based on false accusations of Saddam's mass destructions capability,which we now know was also a fabrication to destroy a country.
    So nothing has really changed actually, now they are playing the same game in Ukraine over and over again…
    Final sentence is the most open form of proving how BBC is biased : '' The colonial past is distant!''
    Yes,sure that is why along with Yankees you deploy illegal sanctions on Cuba for the last six decades killing thousands of children as a result.
    You have just changed your ways of colonizing the world , THE SHOW STILL GOES ON ! Yet,this time Yankees being the gang master and the European minions being the gangs…

  10. Ireland is a very innocent country in Europe. very proud people and very understanding of the rest of the world. god bless this beautiful and lovely country.

  11. Breaking up Ireland into two parts as the British did is a blatant form of invasion, breach of Ireland's soveirgnty, as well as an aide to cause a cessation of a region from the country.

  12. The Irish don't call for reparation though !! Which is as it should be It, history is history, learn from it and move forward, but it wasn't a famine it was genocide, intentionally starving the Irish whilst exporting huge amounts of food, and I would argue that the irish were effectively enslaved in their own country as well as being transported as ' indentired servants'

  13. Yes, the English/British subjected Ireland to 800 years of oppression, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. It's part of our history. It happened, but WHAT THE F ** K has it got to do with 'black lives matter'? These same pathetic ultra-liberal perpetual victims have no issues with the fact that Ireland is currently being colonised by every 3rd world welfare p a r a s I t e with ZERO reason to set foot in Ireland. I'd take 1,000 English men over a single subsaharan or Islamist. F ** k 'black lives matter', and every traitorous c ** t that supports them and the destruction of Europe.

  14. The Irish were considered to be slaves. Many of the them were held as endenctered servants. Their time frame of their endencterment could be expanded for the entire life of the individual.

  15. Irish weren't slaves he says right away lol? Talk bout BBC English bias ok….then wat u call Oliver Cromwell and king James II rounding up hundreds of thousands of real irish blooded men women and children and outting them on coffin ships to west indies and early English colonies as slaves in Barbados, st Kitts, monserrat, Jamaica, Virginia n south Carolina??? It definitely was not a mutual contract lol haha it definitely wasn't indentured servitude, how did irish get back? O wait irish never came back home ,there ancestors are still there, like Rhianna redlegs ancestry of irish slave descendants still living there in redleg communities…..2nd biggest ethnicity in Jamaica hmmmm, back wen Ireland couldn't own land in there own native Ireland or talk in there own native language or be hung hmmmmm lol yeaaaaaaa OK thumbs 👍 up BBC

  16. Ireland lost half its population,never recovered,its ancient language,customs all but wiped out,New evidence claim it was nearly 2 million that died in Famine while food was exported out and across to Britain.

  17. What about the atrocities caused by irish Catholics through the years to recent times they have massacred ulster protestants for years but we have to put up with them glorifying the ira who by the way killed more Catholics than the security forces.

  18. Legacy is defined as the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’s life. Yet England still occupies Ireland presently and the English language and culture is ever all about the place. Leave it to the white washing BBC, a British government organ, to say their imperial government’s history of mass murder & theft was complicated. No, it wasn’t. Now be gone Satan!

  19. "All in the past"? Fergal Keane, have you lost your damn mind.. That one sentence has turned me completely against you! How could you say such a flippant thing? NO, it is NOT IN THE DAMN PAST! We can't speak our native language fluently as a country – why not? Half our population fled the land, why? Our country is broken, missing six important counties – why? Violence recurs every 12th July, with bigots and sectarian loyalists acting like they're still top dog and burning Catholic symbols on monstrous pyres bif hate – why? This violence is due to British Oppression of my country.. Why is it still happening? Why isn't the Irish flag being flown in Derry (Doire) and instead there's a foreign flag flying there – why? And some Irish politicians are pandering to Ulster Loyalists and trying to make out we can "share" our country with them – why, when they never gave our people a 2nd thought except to step on top of them… WHY?

  20. The Only People who never moved on from the Past Colonisation of Ireland are the Unionists from the Past Plantation Settlers in the North of the Country.

    They openly flaunt and Celebrate the British Conquer Conquest of Ireland to the present day.

    Open wounds can't heal with such practices on the Island, not that they care.

    When Westminster Rule leaves Ireland for good, everyone can finally move forward.

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