December 1, 2021

20 thoughts on “Britain’s True Colours? | The Big Picture

  1. Expansive Arabism horns and headache Arabic parrots. On what legal, historical, geographic and genetic bases do you call us the Arab Maghreb, the Arab homeland and the artificial Arab nation?  Why do you not call by the same logic the Persians and the Turks as Arabs, who are closer to you geographically and ethnically?  Compulsive Arabization and identity theft walks on two paths: hitting the Amazigh in its symbols, employing religion, power, the media and emotional slogans to install on them, taking advantage of the illiteracy that you have planted.  You obliterate the history and achievements of the Berbers and attribute the above to the Phoenicians and the Romans and the current to the Arabs.  What is Arab, they call it Arab, and what is Amazigh, do not attribute it to the Arabs.  We are not a commodity on which you stick an Arab tiquette to become the property of the Arabs.  Our land is not Arab colonies or extensions of the Quraish family.  The arab Maghreb , the Arab Mashreq, and the Arab world in the Arabian Peninsula. Al Jazeera, the microscopic Asian state of Qatar, expresses its hidden aggression against the Berbers.  It spreads Arab deceptions and makes superstitious glories in the name of the Arabs.  The junk media and education that you publish in our region brings up Arabization side issues and Arab problems to hypnotize the idiots and distract Berbers from their fateful interests, liberation and democratization.  You inhibit their development and hinder their contact with the advanced nations.  You are exporting your backward mob culture to destroy the cultural coexistence intellectual pattern of the people of North Africa.  You live in the palaces and salons of the Arab League and plot against the impoverished, ignorant peoples.  Your authoritarian regimes rule the Amazigh peoples with the logic of colonialism and Jihad invasion. You blame the French colonialists to cover up what Arab Zionism is doing in North Africa, which forbids even the Amazigh names. Here in the House of Arabs, you see the reality of Arabism. Yemen, Siria, Iraq and Liban. Learning the Arabic language will not make us Arabs, nor will French make us French.  We are Amazigh, and we are not honored to be otherwise.  We call on the free people of the world to stop calling North Africa the Arab Maghreb and the Arab world.

  2. Stopped watching when Kehinde Andrews came on; he hates white people and Britain with a passion. Britain has progressed and moved on a lot in the past 30 years but yet every time we see him, he's doing his usual spewing of hate, and not to educate either but to inspire others to spew hate also. Nobody can change how these immigrants were treated when they arrived in the '60s by the public and far-right idiots but 60 years later people like him will never help us achieve or come close to racial unity.

  3. There is no modern Britain without mass immigration? Immigrants did all the work to rebuild Britain? The fact this man genuinely believes this shows Britain has a troubled future ahead.

  4. Fascinating documentary. You can see how many of today's problems have roots that are decades old. Problems have become structural/institutional and there's no sign of this ending under the current government.

    As a Brit, I know we need to make big changes to solve the huge problems of our time.

  5. A friend asked about investment options, l told him to track some coins (crypto), he replied saying "not in crypto, crypto market is 100% manipulative" I was shock to hear that. How can we change that narrative amongst general people, any suggestions?

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  7. Britain is the most racist country in the world. Always committing crime against humanity. 300 years of colonization in India, colonization of Africa, genocide and massacres in North America etc… 😭 😭😭

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