September 22, 2023
BTS Explains Why They Donated $1M To Black Lives Matter

20 thoughts on “BTS Explains Why They Donated $1M To Black Lives Matter

  1. They didn't do enough research on the organization they donated to. They didn't see all the rioting, looting, and violence that BLM brought. They burned down cities and destroyed small businesses yet this is what pretty much all celebs think about it…

  2. Patrise cullors admits that she lied about $6million mansion bought with BLM funds yesterday
    There was 6 properties bought under the radar with millions of BLM funds
    BLM under government investigation for not disclosing how $60,000,000 went missing

    Good job BTS you supported scam artists

  3. I feel sad for these people saying bts is good OMG….Not knowing they just did for CLOUT.
    Do they really care no. Why Rm jokingly called Jin your face is so black and all….will THAT not hurt black people. They may not try to hurt black people but it's that they are so racist and stupid without even knowing it being a stupid typical Korean boy they think it's okey to joke like that while the world is not about their Koreans trying to be pale skin and men with MAKEUPS…funny..I am Asian by the way.

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