November 30, 2021

26 thoughts on “Buhari To Borrow Another $4 Billion; Femi Fani Kayode's Drama; Ethiopia Update; South Africa

  1. Congratulations my dear sister, how is your baby, daddy and yourself. I thank God for you and your households ma, you will never lack for a moment in life. God bless you and your ways. Ride on Adeola the sky is not even the limit for you. OLORUN KONI FI E SILE NIGBA KAN. AMIN.( i.e ) God Almighty Allah will never place you in charge of your affairs for a moment in life Amin Ya Allahu. Remain blessed Adeola my good sister.

  2. abba kyari the taIlor LOOOOOOOL

    Madam Adeola,is it possible that the numbers reported by kenya are heavily inflated? interestingly,you raised the point that the numbers could be even higher than what's reported,but what about the other end of the stick,which is the possibility of the numbers being greatly exaggerated.I'd recommend that you pick up the book 'how to manipulate statistics.' your boy devil/bill gates was caught with this book amongst his collection

  3. Adeola you are a fun to be with .I have never come across anyone.who is so passionate about his job like you. May you find spiritual strength wisdom and happiness in your path. I love you too much.

  4. Yes he left PDP because the level of corruption was not high enough for your brother to fight. Now he will swim in corruption shamelessly. He came at the right time with the new level of borrowing

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