July 3, 2022


  1. AP and Jodi had money they sent over to me and Art. They should have lived in The Ghanatown location they were investors. Then those chic got in their head as well as the head of the repat community and caused us all to lose our money and productive relationships

  2. I like them as a young couple but thought they look a little suspicious after following them for a while. They might have sold their last box of crackerd and a tin of sardines to make up the rest of the money to leave 🇯🇲 Jamaica. My God, Jumped out the pot and into the frying pan.

  3. The self Hate is real and continued, No money, no love, But we lovey the enemies that put us into this position in the first place, They're the ones divided us and take us away from our native Land and and we can't find away to get back together, But they're still going back to Africa in huge numbers just to keep the pillaging alive, But that's okay, No dog bark, the pillagers or making it very hard for All African to reunite, And a lot of African or even making it harder, If you go to Africa with money you be gather around just like the bee gather around the honey, and they all want something, and even when you give them, they'll still rob you blind, Not everyone, But u of to be very careful, I went to the Gambia trying to mix and mingle with my people, And the same people that i rented my place and have them sharing it with me rob me over 5000, 00 US, an asshole by the name LAMIN SAAR, And he telling everyone that i am his business partner, But not after i learnt the hard way from the same people that i share my place with, That asshole walking around tell people some lies on me, most of them doesn't make any sense, I did know that someone could be that lie, in the name of ALLAH, All i can say, Black people going to the Gambia of to be very careful

  4. I thought they have a car…so they can at least sleep in it……did they lose the car……I do want to hear the other side of the story before my opinion is known

  5. You r lying again. I think u don’t have nothing to do in this pandemic just going after People’s u maybe don’t a job to do. That’s why u look so depressed 🤥🤭😳

  6. Flexing your feminine energy again I see guuurl? You stay messy with gossip don't you. Let's discuss how your living off that white woman that allows you to live your bi lifestyle freely. Stop condemning and gossiping like an old bitter woman.

  7. A carma a reach them after them robbed them father and step mother and move to Africa God not sleeping he is my brother and I don't sorry for them two thief how could you robbed your father who take care of you from your mother die

  8. Saw this coming they don’t plan when they move to Africa that’s the problem, also I think it’s wrong ask people on YouTube to support there journey
    I think it’s wrong sorry if you don’t agree my opinion

  9. I am sorry to say this, but all these people who are currently moving to Africa, or moved to Africa because of them following that broke ass bitch of Art Cathy are broke people who barely managed to scrap a couple of 1000 dollars together and moved there thinking it's going to be pretty roses world when they were, in fact, being scammed, anyone who moved to Africa following Art Cathy advice is dumb as fuck! Sorry to say this, I like queen Jody she has a great vibe but she and her husband should have prepared better before they moved to Africa, they shouldn't have allowed themselves to be put in a situation where they became dependent on the good graces of others, them coming from a third world island like Jamaica should know this better than anyone, and that's the biggest mistake anyone could do, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN COUNTRY LIKE AFRICA, we Caribbean people throughout our entire lives we have learned in some cases the hard way to never under any circumstances allow yourself to be at the mercy and whims of other people, yet queen Jody and her husband forgot all about that and did exactly that, and them being petty and showing shauntays attitude was dead wrong! You aren't paying for shit, yet you have the balls to walk around in my house with an attitude? nah! They are lucky they found someone like shauntay who took their shit, I would have kicked them out the moment they started giving me attitude, no, it ain't right to bite the hand that feeds you literally, I don't like shauntay, but in this case, queen Jody and her husband are at fault here.

  10. UmmmHeyi,very disturbing this.l thought they bought a piece of land last time. But again if you give me a place to stay don't go broadcasting ,oh dear something is wrong with us

  11. UN many people leave there homeland with less than what they had.
    Many people from aka "Sh1t Hole" countries according to Make America Great Again guy arrive in Europe or America without a suitcase much less money and give them 5 years to become stable.

    Look at all the windbush people in your own beloved England I'm almost sure your mother was a child of windbush.

    Three sides to a story, how do you know PR didn't tell AP that the apartment was hers, or that she's on the lease of the apartment.

    If I recall well she went to meet them upon their arrival in the Gambia how do you know that they did pay her to welcome them.

    How do you know PR didn't tell AP Tay Tay is crazy and stay out of her way avoid her at all cost keep the conversation to a minimum.

    When I saw Tay Tay and PR I new that realationship was not going to last. You have one woman bragging how she like to sue companies in the USA and etc. This woman size up everyone she comes across and knows that they are not financially stable so she makes friends by flaunting how much money she has so therfore they are broke and will gravitate to her.

    AP may have had their issues they came with a dream and plan which was derailed by the two crooks Art and Crazy boy.

    How is PR different from AP didn't Tay Tay say that PR was homeless and was about to sleep on the beach like a shipwreck because of her finances and couldn't afford $20 for a hotel room.

    Even Crazy boy said that many the AA's came to purchase land cannot afford to build not even funds to last for a months because everyone was dependent on YouTube.

    Crazy boy is broke now too he began pateron what insight can he possible give at this time.

    I'm sure when you arrived in Switzerland you were living hand to mouth you began YouTube many donated including me to your chanel as well as AP and others don't tell me it didn't help you too.

    Don't knock the man he's taking care of his wife. Didn't you say your wife is joining the chanel I can say thats 💯 BIG MISTAKE. Why bring her in and have her mixup in your disfunctional behavior, she may move the algorithm for a day and that's it. Are you really ready for people to disrespect her and can you handle it I'm sure many who wish you will.would agree.

    Tay Tay, I agree need full m3ntal evaluation something just off PR just need to spend time focusing on herself but still deserves to be happy in love at her age who's going to marry her there, unless she's willing to be a 2nd 3rd or 4th wife most men her age is already married.

    And the daughter was right to defend her mother, ive made comments about her in the past based on what had occurred but it doesn't mean that she not entitled to peace of mind.

  12. I noticed most of the people who are struggling were people who either supported Art Cathey or moved there because of her. Don't feel sorry for any of them.

  13. I actually think any foreigner selling land or property should have a real estate license from their home state/country. Some of these countries are getting people they didn't have anything going on (not even a real estate license) in their home countries and that's not fair to them. I really feel bad for The Gambia, they are getting the lowest type of people. (Most) of the people going to Ghana have either military experience or an education to back them. Ghana seems to attract the people that have some money and some sense. I know this sounds classiest but hey that's life.

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