July 2, 2022

32 thoughts on “Burkina Faso Demand Exit of French Firm, Sudan Welcomes Russian Military, Nigeria Gender Question

  1. Bravo au Burkina Faso une coalition et tous les pays africains et maghrébins de rait s unir Afrique et Maghreb youneted avec la Russie contre le néo nazisme ..bravo bonne initiative !

  2. AFRICAN UNITY is the answer. What are we waiting for?

    Africans generally do not take time to consider how the united power grid of the Western World operates. What we have to envisage is that, the Western World behaves like Predators on a hunt to prey on other animals. They have a United front, chase the Prey or Victims, separate and isolate them, like the case in West Africa, forcing them to accept their climate policies. In real terms the West is dictating to Sub-Saharan Africa to remain in whatever level of Poverty they are in at the moment with the explanation that they (African Countries) needn’t harm the climate with their Industrialization ambitions like they (the West) did, whereas the natural resources West Africans have, can offer them cheaper energy resources to inhibit their aspirations. In other words, they want Sub-Saharan Africa to remain perpetually poor. This is why our salvation lies in UNITY.

    All Presidents in Africa must be prepared to serve in their respective countries as Governors and choose periodically, possibly on a rotation basis, one President. Failure not to take such a quick decision is betrayal to the African People. Africa can no more wait. Remember Mr. Muamar Gadafi once said: UNITE or PERISH. Africans who fail or simply ignore this truth are ENEMIES within. and are not different from the African American ambassador to Ghana, Uncle Tom who planned the overthrow of Nkrumah on 24th February 1966 in Accra. Remember, the greatest enemy is always JUDAS:

    “SƐ Aboa bi bƐka wo a, efri wo ntama mu”. (Ashanti/Akan).

  3. Russia be like:

    We don't launch missiles to your door Europe. We just take your forner colonial African countries to do fair trade. I know….. that hurts even more. 😉

  4. So you all support what's going on in Ukraine? The murdering of innocent people for absolutely no reason at all except to steal a country. I have a feeling you've all been watching Russian propaganda and believe everything they are saying. But if you support Russia & Putin, you'll find out what he is really like one of these days. I'm betting he already has his sights set on SA. I hope you open your eyes before it's too late. Be safe!

    I just subscribed after the last video I watched of yours and this video was recommended. I'll be unsubscribing now.

  5. The best new ever in African
    we don't care if them come for us all we know is that the WEST must pay for their sin for slavery, they think we forgot, no they must now pay a price for slavery

  6. From now on we are free and are no more subjects of other nations or servants of other races. This included also what Kwame Nkrumah said on 6th March 1957

    What we need to understand, and do, is to change our attitudes and minds. Neither we, our children nor descendants should be prepared to work for Europeans, Arabs or other races on this planet. We Africans, can develop Africa ourselves, as once said by a former Nigerian President Mr. Obasanjo. One of the secretes in life is to have no fear, also an axiomatic expression from Dr. Nkrumah which is also true.

    Slavery, Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism has come to an end once and for all.

    From now on, all Africans living in Africa should believe and realize that. Owing to our natural endowments, including our God-given and biological heritage, we have enemies. The aims of these enemies are that, they want to take away our land and soil direct or indirect from us. When they went to North and South America they did so. In Australia, it was the same. In Africa they did not succeed and hence slavery, colonialism, oppression, intimidation in all forms including psychological warfare. They have not given up, and they will never give up. These are facts we must understand and believe. What we need to do from now on, especially when the come to us in Africa is not to engage with them in any respectful manner as usual. The more you respect whites or better said Caucasians, the more they oppress you. Those living among them abroad knows what I am talking about. The only language they understand is to be zealous, wise disrespectful and hard! Nonetheless, if you live among them, you have no choice, else they will destroy you, even in schools and universities.

    Currently they are requesting African countries to abandon their aims of exploiting their natural resources, especially Oil and Gas for economic development. In Ghana this is apparent. Africans must simply not listen to them. They trade intensely with North Africa and neglect Sub-Saharan Africa in many ways.

    In other to start defending our territories we must start recruiting our youth, who try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, in our regular armies and pay them well. They will be prepared to protect Africa instead of being recruited by France, Britain or the United States as we speak.

    Without peace we cannot develop, whereby without defence we cannot develop either. This is why we are encountering coups, attacks and deaths in central, West Africa, Mozambique and in the Congo. We have not been able to get a common currency, South Africa has not been able to appropriate Land to the majority of black citizens and likewise in Namibia, where 300.000 whites are owning at least 50% of the Land, are not prepared to share it with the African citizens. We are all human beings hence Caucasians, who choose to leave amongst us in Africa must be prepared to do so in peace with us, or let it be from NOW on. Not tomorrow, tomorrow next or anytime in the future but NOW. Wake up NOW Africa/ Africans. As far as Africa is concerned with, no one should capitalize on these issues because of the Russian/ Ukraine war.

    This War, has shown how Caucasians see us as human beings. The circumstances have not changed, and indeed they will NEVER change. We therefore do not have to wait for anyone to respect us if we do not respect ourselves or understand that our salvation lies in Unity. Are they not strong without unity? This is what we imperatively have to think about. All Presidents in Africa must be prepared to serve in their respective countries as Governors and choose periodically, possibly on a rotation basis one President. Failure to take such a quick decision is betrayal to the African People. Africa can no more wait.

  7. Also don't watch that broadcasting don't use a satellite we are a beautiful people we entertainment we have to stop being so nice and letting them still parts of our culture our music anything that we have we should copyright it if they even say hey I like that saying copyrighted and Sue the ass because that's what they do trust trying to use nothing we don't need them really we really don't we just need to unify and they just like keeping a discord between us no I'm very tribal now it is about to get ugly and I'm telling you they all going to start trying to flock to y'all don't let them b**** in they're bringing in diseases phantom and more problems please honestly I would have been started kicking the ass out winning make a unity between all the countries cuz everybody else they stick to their own clique why the hell do we need them they need us the whole world do they wouldn't have another dance or song food dish talking point anything

  8. The most useless leaders in the world are from the English colonies in the west Africa.Exploited and still exploiting you till now .They are just wicked leaders being used to steal the resources.

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