8th tune off the Live In Paris 1988 Zenith album cd 2. My Favourite reggae album of all time, you will notice the awesome brass section without a doubt! and the sheer quality of the music. Please enjoy this whole album In order of the songs, Sit back, relax and let the spear take you on a musical and spiritual journey. DISCLAIMER . This music is for the peoplez, I make no money, nor do I wish to make any money off this album at anytime. My only intention is to provide youtubers with whole complete albums of revolutionary music. Peace , Awehness!


About Author: integral
A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface