September 22, 2023

27 thoughts on “BUSTA RHYMES SAYS BLACK AMERICA HAS NO CULTURE!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. Busta is right, because black culture is made up by white people. Our people's culture is the word of our heavenly father and the faith of our king Yahawahshi who the world so ignorantly call Jesus Christ. Ever since we separated from our heavenly father's word which is his laws. Has got our people confused,lost and always not in order. Then going completely off with men's philosophies and traditions called religions.

  2. Correction… Garvey got it popping in Costa Rica. Limone. Where he built his 1st town.
    Either way… Africans all over the world need to unite… instead of set tripping like the white man wants.
    This is east coast vs west coast all over again.

  3. I am Jamaican And you hit it right on the head. Marcus Garvey said Jamaican people was the most stubborn people he had to deal with. Garvey would’ve never been who he was if he didn’t come to America. Busta Rhymes is too busy supporting the foolish culture that’s going on in Jamaica right now hanging around Vybz Kartel. Busta is a part of the problem in Jamaica

  4. Our culture was taken away by white folks when we were brought over here we all not africans. Some if us are hebrews … White folks hate them because Jesus said he was looking for the list sheep of israel he did not say the church.

  5. Take it easy with N-word, You say the N-word more than you say black or black people…come on man, cut that out🖖🏾🖖🏾☝🏾☝🏾👊🏾👊🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾

  6. This idiot doesn't realize it was FBA culture that every music genre from their country derived from except the genre they call Mento. Ska, Reggae, Rock Steady and Dancehall. They were listening to our radio stations and attending concerts of our artists 25 to 30 years before they even had radio stations of their own. They had no record labels and certainly had NO genre of their own that had any international influence until Bob Marley. Marley himself stated Curtis Mayfield was his biggest influence and he was actually discovered by the American Johnny Nash. Everything about their culture came from us and he says this shit? We have far more international influence than they ever had or ever will. We've created more genres and more global artists.

  7. I’m happy you caribbean nigros listening to this shat! Now you know, no matter how much these people talk that black brother bullshate, once you step out of line one inch, they will empty their true gut feelings on your ass.

    Now buster rhyme is an American black born and raised, and the only thing caribbean about him is his parents, nothing more. Now this man is supposedly a pan africanist, but here he is pushing black that american supremacy over one lose comment by another black american.

    and I’m really disappointed in seti, since he aught to know better. he really showed his true colors, just like Tariq nasheed. anyway asa caribbean man, I know that I can’t phuque with not nigro unless they are truly conscious, be they black american, caribbean, Latin American or native Africans.

    SETI I’m very disappointed in you brother.

  8. Invasion, infiltration, and Integration, is the conqueror s playlist when one wants to take over an Identity, and subsequently the culture. We have to recognize when we see it, no matter who it is, and thereby cease history from repeating itself. Its the same game, just different players

  9. SETI, I know u busy and probably dont give a damn because of the history and you doing your thing king- but stop by MAAT FOREVER and check up on Shaka Ndungu while he bang on the pedo circle in NYC.
    U reminded me when you mentioned the BHI in this video.

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