August 10, 2022

26 thoughts on “Can slavery reparations dismantle systemic racism? | The Stream

  1. It’s still going on and no government in these colonial countries are talking about this seriously….lip services and high words only….in academic circles etc not enough….put your money where your mouth is….how about giving up the territories still held…British virgin island,etc etc…still saying that independent countries like Solomon Islands “ can’t rule themselves “ etc etc….media is also controlled…..they allow you to voice but nothing gets done…..

  2. In speaking from an American copper man I'd say that the system here more than anything kept a inferiority complex upon us in order to keep mostly white ahead of blacks economically giving money to us would make the inferiority complex worse and generate more money into the same system that destroyed in he 1st place we must get rid of the inferiority complex in blacks 1st tell them the full truth of what happened acknowledge all their contributions stop acting dumb when common sense says a crime is a crime stop acting like racism is gone and give them what you extorted outta fear this is no different than the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

  3. The Chi Lites Family 👪 Response
    Restitution should be Paid Not Only For Salvery But For Black Legendary Entertainers, Like The Chi Lites, Sammy Davis, Jackie Wilson, Billy Hoilday,

    Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellenton, Little Richard Extra… And The Black Inventors Created The Majority Of America Inventions In We Still Use. The Literal Ridiculously Used Phrases Why Should Restitution Be Given,

    After America Knows 🇺🇸They Raped And Forced Black Americans Human Beings, Into Slavery Just To Make White Americans Richer Off Of Free Labor Is A Ridiculously Insane Joke Of A Example Of Americans,

    Honesty And The Lack Of Humanity And Value Whites Place On The Humanity Of Black American Human Beings, And Still Shows The Lack Of Human Worth On Blacks American Human, And Shows The Lack Of Human Value And Exploitation Continues To Still Used In Denial Of Reparations For Free Labor, And Contributed Given By Black Americans That Whites And America Still Use Against Black Americans And Blacks Human Beings Thru Out Our World 🌎.

    Our Rights To Be Vauled As A Human Being With Equal Vaule For Work, Inventions And Contributions Still Are With Held By America And Whites Throughout America Lands The Worth Of Black Americans Human Beings

    Who Non Black Are Denied By White Americans And America Throughout Our Land.The Rights Of Every Man Are On Woman In This Country Are On Earth Clearly Are Work Equals Pay, Contributions Equal

    Fare Rewards For It's Vaule To Americans Society And Its Useful Use In Everyday America And World's Fulfillment From Blacks Free Slavery Work And Inventionsal Creations And Black Americans Entertainment Work And The Financial
    Prosperity Gained By Not Only Slavery But Black Americans Entertainment Icons Exploitation.

    This Is Not Even A Argument, We All Know Enslaving Any Being Is A Inhumane Crime Against The Humanity. The Lack Of Equal Humanity Is The Hidden Cause That Blacjs And Whites Don't Want To Admit About America Policy's And Legal Politics.

    Are We To Say Blacks Are Human Are Not
    Equally Human Beings. What America Does, 🇺🇸 Sends The World 🌎 The Real Ideas 💡And Believes And True Activities Of The

    United States Of America 🇺🇸 And Sends A World 🌎The Our Massages 💆‍♂️Of Our Real Honor 🎖, And Respect Concerning Human Beings And Humanity As Intelligence Intellectual Saine Hunman Society.
    What Black Americans Eat Invoving

    Unhealthy Foods And Obesity Is Based Off Slavery, What Americans Every Day Lives Are And Black Vilence Are On Self Hate Taught By White Slave Owners Who Enslave Black Americans And Use A Psychologically

    Insane System Of Mental Abuse On Black Americans Which Caused Self Hatred For, Black Americans Own Self Existence.
    Reparations For Blacks And Black Icons And Black Inventors Is Sanity Itself,
    Justice For All!

  4. Why are you guys asking for what belong to our Ancestors? What we are due is OUR INHERITANCE, 250 years WORTH! Our people were forced into slavery working 18hours or more everyday plus what ever the massas, their wives and friends decided they wanted to do to them from the youngest to the oldest. REPARATIONS were to help the Enslaved start their life. That is not due us. But as I said, Inheritance is. 250 years worth of FORCED work. If our people had been paid as they should have been, they would have left an hefty INHERITANCES but instead the Massas family is living off of it still today for some. Do you guys realize that some of the offsprings are working for companies that were created with money from slavery? We are working to earn money that already belong to us because our Ancestors already earned it. Why are you guys still asking for what we're not due and besides, you're asking for pennies on the dollar. We are due Millions, not hundreds of thousands. The Government ok'd slavery and they should ok our INHERITANCE as well!

  5. Reparations in relationship to the United States of America, are due Specifically to Afro/Black Americans Descendants of Enslaved Africans who were later identified as "The Freedmen" There are many other Reparations Cases throughout our Afro Diaspora but must be calculated and administered separately.

  6. Let's put equal efforts into getting reparations from the Arab chattel enslavement of Black Afrikans, which started hundreds of years before the so-called Europeans started this genocide. It must, and will be paid…so why not start now before the costs go up…though, there can be no monetary value placed of these untold, innumerable millions of human lives.

  7. So if we pay reparations, does that mean racism is gone forever and we can finally get rid of affirmative action, no more race card and all this other racial favoritism stuff?

  8. Reparations owed to Foundational Black Americans by the American government is the only debt in the history of this country that comes with deflective questions that are intended to undermine payment of the debt…..The best way to find out if reparations does anything to address systematic racism is to pay what is owed🤔🤔

  9. Dear Black race baiters who are demanding reparations for events that you have never personally experienced. You might want to include reparations for the 300,000 plus solders of the Northern Union "White Supremacists" who gave their lives to free your ancestors.
    You also might want to tip your hat to the Republican party who was responsible for the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that effectively ended racism in Democrat controlled south. And I'm not even going to mention the part that Senator Al Gore Sr. played in trying to prevent the passage of the Act.

  10. Slavery has never been the monopoly of coloured people as there were white slaves as well (as in my own family). In fact within the historical record we have whites enslaving whites, blacks enslaving blacks and every other racial combination you can imagine (don't forget that the Eastern European word Slav derived from slave). My ancestors were both white and slaves regardless of the fact that neither my family tree nor my genotype display the least hint of coloured ancestors. So why has slavery become so closely associated with black Americans? Is there a race to the bottom to see who has the greater claim to victimhood? Can the concept of "white guilt" stand up against the historical reality of black slave-owners of white slaves? If reparations are seen as justified, does that include the descendants of white slaves? Moreover, are we validating the notion of hereditary guilt? Should the great-great-great-great grandchildren of murders be given life sentences (or worse) for the sins of these distant ancestors? Would it not be easier if we were held responsible only for our own crimes rather than including all the sins of our ancestors?

  11. I first learned about reparations in 1987 from pbs back then they had alot straight forward programs. Queen Mother Moore was on one of them refusing to never give up the fight for reparations. I never forgot

  12. An Arab tv station talking about American reparations is the greatest irony I’ve ever seen.

    The world champions of slavery are Arabs. It took Europeans had to make them stop selling slaves, though they still do it.

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