September 21, 2021

40 thoughts on “Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?

  1. If the ADOS stopped playing games and supporting White supremacy, ADOS would get Reparations within three – five years, if we boycott these institutions:
    High schools
    Hospitality Industry
    Mass Transportation
    ADOS stop playing games and the money will come.

  2. Reparations should include:
    Rebuilding Black wallstreet's and Business District's.
    This is how you close the Racial Wealth Income Gap. My organization Renaissance Action National Network/Renaissance Action International Network are organizing our 1st Annual African Diaspora Economic Summit, Workshops and Townhall Meetings in 2023. We are reaching out to the African Diaspora for volunteers, Steering committee and coordinator's staff to help organize our 1st Annual African Diaspora Economic Summit. Few of our goals are to create Black Ownership Groups, Black Investment Groups, Black Jobs Creations and Reparations. It's our time.

  3. REPARATIONS! Aug '21 Xi Jinping's Communist Chinese Government IS PAYING $10,000 to Black American Households for accidental Covid 19 lab release from Wuhan. Contact Your Democratic Party Rep ASAP!

  4. Every single race was a slave if your roots were poor. The Irish people were slaves as well and were poisoned. And in 2021 no one alive should pay anything. If we do have to pay that then I demand reparations for the Irish people.

  5. Anyone who stores this process they are Idiotic to the point of THINKING they can define what a White person is and what a Black person is. Considering the worst thing America has done to “blacks” since the Civil War is there attempt to help them in the 1960s, I World say trying to help them More, At the expense of Innocent “other” people, is a Horrifically Bad idea.

  6. Every other country has payed their debts why is America 🇺🇸 not wanting to pay ,the same injustices are still in play today admit your wrong america and right them..I think the world would applaud you!

  7. Best way to start a Civil War would be to offer reparations. Although I'm not necessarily against it they'd be buying Gucci clothes and stuff they don't really need. If its going to happen it needs to stimulate the US economy…as in, it can only be spent on American made products.

    Yeah I know it would never work like that which is why its an absolutely not.

  8. "Aw man, I'm so glad that my great aunt was a slave, I got a sweet ass paycheck because of it!" How I imagine the kids getting these reacting.

  9. I don't care how many dislikes it got you owe that money and that money is owed to us we have the documentations the proof and everything without us the country would need never got the independence without other country never got there well you owe us our money and we don't care how many dislikes you got we're going to always let you know that that grows every generation

  10. Of course the US can afford reparations. It would lower the quality of life of many people who currently benefit from slavery, but that isn't really a bad thing imo

  11. Well now we still got two trillion dollars that disappeared from the pentagons budget and that was just one agency of the federal government never been found never been audited never been accounted for when Donald rumfield announced it at a press conference at the Pentagon on Monday the next day 9/11 happened and that so-called press conference was just a memory and that's all it was a memory… Now multiply that by 20 something years if it was a compounded interest no telling how much it is you don't steal from the federal government they will get you in Antarctica they have to if you still a paper clip out of the department of agriculture they will get you still 20 trillion no problem not interested in finding out

  12. Hey everyone, you'll be happy to know that I only get 1200 a month for disability. I'm in my early sixties and can't afford rent in this great nation. The inequality moves in mysterious ways. But at least I worked and toiled for 33 years.

  13. A child is not responsible for the crimes their parents (or ancestors) committed. Collective punishment of a population is a violation of human rights. The wealth of slavery was obliterated during the civil war! More of America's trillions of dollars of wealth is a result of exploitation of European and Asian Pacific Islander Immigrants, than African Americans. Slavery pre-existed the formation of the United States, and was practiced across the world, even on the continent of Africa! If any group should be paying reparations for slavery and the infringement of civil rights in America it should be the Democratic Party! In an equal society BET would never have been a thing, Mr. Johnson profited off of inequity just as surly as the commodities traders in cotton and tobacco.

  14. LISTEN UP: ZERO dollars is appropriate for "reparations." The whole world ran on slavery, and, it did so since the dawn of man, for tens of thousands of years. In the Bible, in Leviticus, not only was it accepted to own slaves, but, there were rules on how to go about it…sad, but, true. Slavery is WRONG. It is WRONG to own another person. BUt, I, nor anyone else in america who is alive today ever owned a slave. PERIOD. F – – k reparations. It is old white men who ended slavery, making it possible by starting the industrial revolution, and designing, engineering, and, developing all of the machines that made it possible to end slavery. Thank old white men.

  15. When we hit the polls don’t forget it’s both republicans and democrats who were complicit with 10,000 known massacres of black progressive communities. bi-partisanship was the key to government sanctioned destruction of our communities ✊🏿✊🏾 regardless of party affiliation we vote for tangibles as ☝️. No reparations no vote 🗳 I don’t care if you’re a conservative or democrat African American 🇺🇸 no reparations no vote because we already get nothing regardless which side wins, so let’s make them exchange something for something and watch all of our black conservative and democrat views on fixing our communities become one movement! Both of our views are great but we don’t have the capital. Let’s make that happen together and then debate on what we should do as one ☝️ collective caucus ✊🏿

  16. Totally disgusting!!!! Who actually forged this country? MY ANCESTORS!!! Where's MY REPERATIONS for my relatives DYING in the
    Civil war TO FREE THEM? Don't you find it a bit contradicting when Africans, South Americans, ETC all want to leave the countries THEY SCREWED UP to come to OUR COUNTRY????? Yes, my ancestors are all WHITE.

  17. People have been suffering in this country since the beginning regardless of skin color and they still are. No one is responsible for someone else’s sins & especially the sins from100 years ago. This country has bent over backwards for poor people, it’s threatening to bankrupt it & enough is enough.

  18. The US has already been paying reparations all these years its called the unemployment check they get. Blacks wanting more free money tell me something new.

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