September 20, 2023
Canaanland Moors Sara Suten Seti is One dumb Dirty Moor

31 thoughts on “Canaanland Moors Sara Suten Seti is One dumb Dirty Moor

  1. Seti, knows the truth more than he will admit it to his followers. But the thing I dont like about him is he tries to convince(or trick) the people into believing his lies. It will be better if Seti acknowledge at least some of his things he found to be true, but he dont. He keep right on with the lies. Now, Im not talking about the things he has no knowledge of, or things he havent found to be falsehood. Im talking about the things thats straight up in his face True, and he keep treating it like its a lie.

  2. Saracetti made his disclaimer that it was "on the spot" research . Then referenced Wikipedia. πŸ˜‚πŸ’€ So we already know , like YOU know , that he's an agent TOO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Sarah is a drunk by the liqour store scholar. Read a few books and is still illiterate. He doesnt understand the black man is the original man of the planet and the father of civilization. We are moors, kemites, olmecs, pre adamites etc. Before language we were already here.

  4. Play the whole damn video why you gotta take clips? If your information is so solid why all you got is clips. Its called editing. Thats all you can do is string shit together? You not as smart as you think you are.

  5. The Dr. Ben Clip Just say's we were calling ourself Moors. Back then. It did not address the Seti is farrr from ignorant.Ghetto Maybe, But that's why not only the Intellectual love him but the Thugs do to. Its a gift given by the ancestor's in his Thug delivery. .You call it ghetto I call it "thug Delivery" Dipped into the weight and the depth of the Craft of amen Rah. So if he sounded like Jerry springer, So what, he is A AMEN RAH CRAFT DISCIPLE DESCENDANT PUPIL STUDENT DEVELOPED INTO A MASTER TEACHER … HELLOO! Question, Why are we not saying "Thank you " Why are we not given credit where credit is due? why are we trying to put dr ben jr down. Its the same teachings. wtf? like the jealousy and the envy got's to stop. Do trust that if you from the true blue streets , seti will connect to them.He is real. I reach out to the Moors and say Don't be jealous or envious of your brother. You guys are beacons with your honorable information. . From Your prophets and teachers till now on and continuing. But, there are truths in history that are fact. And that should be ok. Like So what. Seti to my knowledge( I could be wrong) but he is not against the MOOR'S. Not at all. He is against the Moors taking all the credit and eliminating AFRICA WHILE DOING SO.."We All Are Moors. We been here since the beginning we were first. That's the stuff set is attacking because We wasn't nationalizing in ancient egypt playa. Olmec. The He is a soul of the "Craft of Amen Rah.statement of all of us did not come from West afrika. Let it go! Seti is he lying?? No. Olmec. Moors did a great thing. In so many ways, but they also taught the man and gave him the plan to command our people d our land. It was the creators will . Why? cus it happened/ The Canaan land Moors are to respectful to result to this. Attack Seti with lectures and doctrine. This stuff is amateur, The moors after They lost their grip they resulted to what ever they could do to survive. They participated in The Slave trade in a Royal way. Yes Moors Gives us a nationality. But you can't get the moors to PUBLICLY , TELL YOU HOW TO GET YOUR NATIONALITY. IN FULL. THEY GIVE YOU A LITTLE HERE AND A LITTLE THERE. IF THEY REALLY CARED THEY WOULD HAVE IT ON BLAST. DO THIS, THIS , THIS . NOPE. THE MOORS WANT YOU TO JOINT THEM AND GO THROUGH ALL THAT OR YOU GONE STAY BLACK NEGRO ,COLORED. SO Its something about that selfish spirit. Like give them a crumb and if they don't come oh well. So Don't deny the history. Seti did not say one thing wrong as far as history..We were, calling ourself's Moors then in Spain. But NOT IN EGYPT AND BEFORE .Like so Let it be. moors participated in the slave trade then got turned into slaves ans their reward from the creator. It was planned , It was destiny and it was bound to happen. It doesn't take away from the greatness of whatthe Moors have to offer as far as doctrine and the truths they have assisted all of us with. But you can't find one moor,!! who got the whole nationality process online for the people of AMEXEM….so with that said. The Champions come from DR Ben and Dr Clark And Ashwar Kwesi. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO TAKE US FROM THE BEGINNING. THE NILE . THE VALLEY , LUCI. THE INSCRIPTIONS INCRIPTED. THE FIRST PYRAMIDS. ORIONS BELT SAKARA. THE RAIN FOREST. THE TWA. THE WHOLE NINE , THE SEP TEPI. DR BEN. CLARKE BARSHANGO ALL OF THEM ARE THE TOP. EVERY ONE ELSE FALLS BEHIND. ALLL TEACHERS. BECAUSE ALL OTHER EACHERS BROUGHT OUT A PART, A SUM, A PORTION , A SEGMENT. DR BEN KWESI CLARKE THEM BROTHERS HOLD THE SUPER GOLDEN PLATINUM DIPPED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS. THEY GOT THE WHOLE………. SHA BANG!!!!AS FAR AS BRINGING OTHER TRUTHS OUT. CAUSE ALL OF THE OTHER TRUTHS WERE NOT BEFORE THOSE. SETI IS A MASTER STUDENT NOW TEACHER FROM THAT CLOTH. ANYONE (NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES ,SAYS, OR WHATEVER) THAT BASHES HIM AND PHARAOH IS JEALOUS. Do your teaching, Do your preaching Do your lecturing. Or go do a debate with Seti, But you guys are to prestigious to go this route. We Love the Moors but we don't love the fat that if you don't join you don't get the whole bang. So black negro colored, Ya'll bash on the ones still saying it but the majority of you all again , i'll say it, don't got no full concrete information on how to go through the full process to Nationalize. With that said You cannot be the all and all you are just a star on a championship squad playa. Africa. Khemet Egypt Nubia and Mu… I aint heard no body speak on mu and refer it to Moors….. anyways OLMEC.BAY AREA PLAYA!

  6. seti on point. i did my own research. sometimes just thinking for yourself help crack mental codes. seti is right he just one man and cant cover it all at once but he dropped enough seeds to seek and dig up. moors did a lot of dirt. its a few moors from the temple also admit it. seti just took it to the gut. moors as the cult moors was rebels and haters. ppl do your own research. these moorish cult niggas just as lame as they came too. they give u chopped videos to make other ppl look like a lie. lol

  7. does not change the fact that moors are the greatest traitors in history. They are still doing it now to this day it is the islamic moors in africa that are enslaving their brothers and sisters and selling them to the arabs right now. today at this very minute. You can walk around with your fezs on your red caps and preach about noble drew ali and moorish science and call people dirty moors it does not matter we are the tribe of shabazz we really do not know where we come from so we are building the future you can stay in the past. Know that when we see you and you say that you are a moor we automatically see you as traitors.

  8. All I want to know is what did the Egyptians call themselves? If it were Moors then seti is wrong.if I'm not mistaken isn't Africa the largest continent on they planet? So every nation on Africa went by Moor just not logical to me # bang on that beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bpc!

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