September 21, 2023
Canaanland Moors: Sara Suten Seti Sells Out  & Young Pharaoh Gets Shut Down by Moors

Section: 56:26

: Addressing the Conscious Contradictions:

: 5 vids and 2 readings the “conscious community” will never address.

Canaanland : Stop Challenging and Challenge Dr. Ben

Canaanland Moors: Addressing AmenRa Squad with Dr. Ben.

Canaanlannd Moors: #3 Identity Crisis?

Canaanland Moors: #20 Black According to Science…

Canaanland Moors: Common Sense Quickies: #27 The Meaning of “Moor”


20 thoughts on “Canaanland Moors: Sara Suten Seti Sells Out & Young Pharaoh Gets Shut Down by Moors

  1. Lol amazing coincidence, 98% of everything negative on YouTube about Seti Is orchestrated and created by people of your faith/pov!!! Lol 10,000 different religions/beliefs Yet there's only one source of origin knowledge in a predates everything by hundreds of thousands of years

  2. This whole planet earth is so mix up my head hurts jus thinking about it.. how many groups of moors were they? Which group was catching and selling slaves?? Which group was shaving the men hair forcing them into a particular religion and if they refuse they were executed?? I'm done with world history

  3. Mighty honors to Canaanland Moors Kudjo El for such a phenomenal and classical presentation that is much needed for the novices and also for those who think they can get by without studying. So much is invested to lead the people astray. I admire your input to combat this and appreciate all you do for the nation. I'm thankful for you keeping up the great work and helping us to be aware of such tactics to hinder our generation. Highest praises and honors to Allah and the great Prophet Noble Drew Ali !!!

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