September 19, 2023
Candace Owens Absolutely FLAMED Black Lives Matter Panel!

Absolutely FLAMED Panel!

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40 thoughts on “Candace Owens Absolutely FLAMED Black Lives Matter Panel!

  1. Keep doing you and telling the truth. I'm so happy there are people like you and Candice fighting for what's right and the truth. We will never come together as one country with people like this on the panel

  2. The first slave owner was a black man Anthony Johnson or something like that in Louisiana there were three prominent slave-owners they were all rich black women

  3. So, whose responsibility is it to teach someone to read? Are libraries and books and computers not available to people everywhere? If you have the mindset to have a child, then please be able to teach that child and pay for that child; otherwise, do not have children. The choice to have a child is just that. A choice. People having 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 children and then crying about it should be sterilized. Candace is a real heroine. She speaks the truth.

  4. KKK were democrats…. Look it up on that phone in your hand… I could go on. The president who freed slaves, Republican. Look it up. Slaves who were freed, bought slaves, again, use that phone too find truth. Love this video!!!!! Please just use what you have to find real truth.

  5. i am really confused.. the police gave up and it is ok now to take drugs on the street, shoplift and burn down the the whole town. but the kid @1:47 that never worked in his life is crying about police brutality and hardship

  6. Im pretty sure that make America great again mean that we should be at the top like we use to be in subjects like education, innovation, medical, low unemployment, and such. But these uneducated individuals lack the brain capacity to comprehend this.

  7. The good people being there was in relevance to the cops who were there putting their lives on the line to stop the violence lol. This panel is one intelligent person and a bunch of morons

  8. Im white. Whyte. Kwhuite. However you wanna say it to smear me. Idgaf. But all i have to say is, i have too much more faith in yall to do better, to accept the shit your culture has become. And you jnow what, white culture has gone to complete shit too. Im from south Mississippi, an older millenial. I grew up in years with MINIMAL racism, where white and black, we are all poor TOGETHER. We dont gun down unarmed people because we all have guns. Our pro gun culture means pro gun cops not terrified about reaching for a wallet. anti gun kids becoming cops terrified of a citizen maybe being armed.

    It isnt the right trying to disarm you and shoot you.

    It never was before, and it isnt now.

  9. IGNORANCE. I LOST ALL RESPECT for TI homegrown terrorism WTF are you talking about you idiot. Name 1 time a bunch of white people used Ar-15s against the US in Homegrown Terrorism. 1 TIME..NOT Waco Or Ruby Ridge that was Gov FORCE upon a community that stood up to these TYRANTS. They didn't go looking for the gov the gov came to their secluded place way way off in the woods to confront them!!! TI you SUCK and are as Dumb as they come. That's sounded racist homegrown terrorism a bunch of white people with ar-15s. Really he is Black he can't be Racist. If I said homegrown terrorism a bunch of black people running around with Glocks or aks I would be a RACIST. It goes both ways. He is Racist!!!!!

  10. My God, I'm so glad I caught this video. Mike and Candace are brilliant. Spot on. It's the truth, which people are afraid of anymore. Bravo to the host of this video, I'm impressed. Thank you!

  11. 62 year old white male. This is one of the best reports on racism on the internet. Thanks for sharing it. In my work place, we have white Canadians, Black Canadians, LEGAL immigrants from South America, Filipinos, Vietnamese etc. If there is any racism, it is impossible to see. It is the Liberals/Democrats that promote it and too many people believe it. Thanks again for posting it. Liking and subscribing.

  12. I don't think you're most likely to get robbed and shot by a black person, while it might be something that you see more often the actions of a few individuals do not define an entire race. Keep this in mind because there are people I have seen that are going against the Democrat agenda like you and I appreciate everyone of you 🙂

  13. This is the best thing Go Candace keep standing !!! For truth ! Cudos to the truth tellers on this panel Candace composed her self with discipline I would of lost it lol This country needs unity and unite against the devils plans and tactics the truth is WE NEED JESUS HE IS THE TRUTH. The way and the Light !!!

  14. Black inadequacy always prompts the white supremacy mindest of blacks. White's are not supreme because they are inherently superior they are supreme because blacks are inherently inferior and in the words of Jack Nicholson they '…can't handle the truth'. Black failure is never the fault of black failure; it's got to be because of white supremacy. How convenient. How lazy. Furthermore, America's greatness does not hinge upon solving black issues, nor is it invalidated by negative race relations in history. That dude has seized upon his rage, resentment, and his prejudice to try to call into question and debunk the truth of American greatness. He's your typical racist black villain.

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