September 16, 2023
Candace Owens Debates Black Lives Matter Activist Hawk Newsome Over Voter ID

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In this teaser, Candace debates Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome on whether laws are racist.

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23 thoughts on “Candace Owens Debates Black Lives Matter Activist Hawk Newsome Over Voter ID

  1. I’m seeing some manipulation here. Yikes. It’s distasteful that he acts like it’s physically impossible for black people to obtain an ID. THAT is his argument?

  2. If those black people he knows don’t know how to hold onto a social security card, birth certificate or have a letter mailed to their house via USPS they don’t deserve to vote.

  3. Do you think black people are too stupid to get a voter ID (rhetorical question)?
    Him: why would you say that? You're black.
    Me: I'm confused buy I can't comment because they say if I am not black I can't understand black people's struggles. But you can get id…
    Society: stop! You are not black so you wouldn't understand.
    Me: but but…..ok ok I'll accept whatever you decide I should think and do.

  4. This dude really said a black that goes to school gets a school ID then wouldn't be able to get a regular ID!!?? I mean who backs this man!?? Truly, who actually believes this nonsense? Shit i say whatever the case maybe if you can't get an ID then 1st off you ain't going to vote anyway!

  5. What about when you go to get an ID [like everyone does] you need 3 other documents to obtain one.

    I fail to see how this effects color of skin if EVERYONE is obligated to do so.

  6. Wait…are there black people born in the United States that don't have a SSN? Why? I got to keep it 100, that some lazy, irresponsible shit if you don't have a SSN, and you've failed to figure out how to get one? You got a cell phone? That's a piece of mail right there. Unless your phone is under your girls name, or your mother. And why don't you have a bank account? What are you doing? I'm sorry, but if you find yourself in this position, voting is the least of your problems. You needs to get your life together! You's f'ckd up.

  7. It's not that difficult to get an id.
    I got my driver license at 16.

    My wife literally had her purse stolen and it had every piece of her legal identification in it. ID, social security card, and birth certificate.

    It took us two days to piece it all back together and get her a new social security card, new driver license and a new birth certificate.

    So this whole argument of having to have all the things is bogus. We had nothing to even prove she was a legal citizen and were able to get her not only am ID but all the other stuff needed to get the ID in 2 days.

    My cousin didn't have any of the items he needed to get his driver's license. We had to go across state lines to get a duplicate of his Louisiana ID. We then drove back to Texas and 3 days later he got his Texas driver license. The only reason it took this much trouble was because he lost his Louisiana ID and left all the other documents in Louisiana!

    There are ways around it and it's possible to get an ID. It may require a little extra work if you don't have your paperwork in order but it's not impossible.

    Even if you don't have the necessary items there are ways and rules to still allow you to get an ID.

    It's not like if you don't have a utility bill in your name then you're screwed. It's not like you misplaced your social security card and you're screwed.

    These things happen quite often and because of that they have policies and regulations in place for when they occur!

    The people he is speaking of are those that are lazy, irresponsible and as soon as they run into one road block they just give up and don't bother.

    That's literally one percent of the population though. Black,white or purple that's a small percentage of every race!

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