September 18, 2023
Candace Owens Discusses Trump and Black Lives Matter | Mic Dispatch

is one of the most controversial young conservatives who’s been praised by everyone from Kanye West to …


31 thoughts on “Candace Owens Discusses Trump and Black Lives Matter | Mic Dispatch

  1. Candace is a special gift from God almighty who used her to expose Satan using black lives matter to destroy USA through the democratic party. God forbid!!! Prayers for Candace from Southern Cameron Africa. Amen.

  2. Hit Peace. Still no one can disprove ANYTHING Candice has said. Liberal days are numbered. We are all waking up and leaving the plantation.

  3. Bitch said Candace showed up to her house with a camera crew to potentially harm her. The BLM gathering is a distraction for race baiting and Patrice Cullors is a plant. B.t.w. who is harming someone with a camera crew unless you got something to hide? Nice try Sleepy Joe Biden, step aside so Trump can finish the job of righteous sovereignty.

  4. Candace Owens is a race hustler too using Black America for her own gain. She wants to use Black America for the republican party in exchange for fame, power, status and $$$$$$. However, what Candace Owens says about the democrats is true. But also she's selling a hustle too. Black America needs to form its own political party working towards its own interests which means Black empowerment, Spiritually, politically, socially, economically and institutionally. Time for a paradigm shift in strategy & thinking.

  5. Wait what? Because they rioted against Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shows there’s no alignment between BLM and liberals? Did you see those riots? It wasn’t many people. I thought this channel was unbiased.

  6. Lol He literally just said it. Black voters will go vote just to vote against what he calls “Trump Inspired” candidates. And that there is the problem. They don’t even know why. They are just told by every one around them to hate trump and anyone like him. It’s sad.

  7. HE IS FOR SURE HELPING!!! The reason why people don't like Trump is bc hes BLUNT and HONEST!! It's the same reason why people dont care for you either Candance bc YOU BOTH are REAL!!!! THAT'S A FACT!!! I LOVE TRUMP TOO CANDANCE!!!

  8. I think a big issue is also there's a massive % of black people that don't vote for reasons of feeling that either way they will still stay the supressed..

  9. What a mocking piece of trash interview this was…they tried to appeal by being authentic and giving air time then debunked and used one liners to retort post her view…totally focussing on trigger points that will cause reactions and missing the point of what she was saying…by scrolling down the comments it's clear that "miC" is completely out of touch as they disingenuously setup CO here post comments where she cant defend herself thus perpetuating why the comments blow their bias…

  10. It's always so sad to watch the way democrat bullies brain wash their followers I have always stood up for people who get bullied and watching the Democratic & Media just slap collars around their followers necks with Lies and the use of Media BRAINWASHING has always made me so sick PRAYING FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS SHAMEFULLY USED AND MENTALLY ABUSED 🙏 THIS YOUNG LADY IS SO BEAUTIFUL BLESS HER HEART SHE HAS A HUGE HEART FOR ALL THE BULLIED PEOPLE IN AMERICA LOVED THIS INTERVIEW PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP ON THE BULLIED 🥰

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