June 9, 2023
Candace Owens on BLM co-founder's million-dollar home-buying spree

‘Candace’ host reacts to self-proclaimed ‘Marxist’ Patrice Khan-Cullors’ real estate investments on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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24 thoughts on “Candace Owens on BLM co-founder's million-dollar home-buying spree

  1. Send her and Al sharpton over this f**** China sense there call me commie cunts let's see how well blacklivesmatter works in Russia buy three-year-old son says not very well

  2. That BLM movement was built from the same blue print formula as any charity company claiming to help the poor… I doubt it's the BLM creators fault once your working with the programmers you have no choice but to conform to the programmers ways… Sad story…

  3. Blm is not and was never set up to help "black people" it simply exploited black men murdered by cops as a platform to collect money.
    And promote LGBTQ specific people.
    . If you see BLMS original mission statement, it had nothing to do with helping black communities and everything to do with eliminating the male figure in the family unit and unless they were trans and gave up their masculinity.

    I watched 100% of that footage's live as the Marchs took place.

    Looting was always 2 blocks away from the actual march And the looters were white for the most part organized extremely well with Mercedes and high-end cars. The police allowed watching the vandalism.

    It was completely not related to the march. Yes a few random Black people followed suit that we're not related to the march.
    . She knows this, so that comment is ridiculous.

  4. Rude boy these dirty people make are own people fight in there stupid TV shows but behind this whole thing Is the programmer why is she attacking the women who created BLM she should talk about the programmers that's why she's not feeding black dahhhhhh kmt

  5. Do you really think that these protesters care about their people?! I have seen many black people go back to their broken neighborhood they came out of. The schools and rec center in the area still in horrible condition, people on the streets, and all that money was used to buy a freakin mansion. πŸ˜‚ YOU ARE YOUR OWN ENEMY.

  6. There's 2 major races in united states of america…european american and african american why they keep being racist..historicaly speaking both of them are not from this continent

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