September 22, 2023
Candace Owens on where the money donated to ‘Black Lives Matter’ has actually gone. #candaceowens

45 thoughts on “Candace Owens on where the money donated to ‘Black Lives Matter’ has actually gone. #candaceowens

  1. Ifs funny how when George Floyd passed away most black people jumped on the band wagon and played the race card to the world when they live normal everyday lives. Protesting about Black Lives Matter etc.. it’s funny how them same people don’t protest how there precious BLM was a scam and a lie…. Where’s them same people protesting about that? If blm is so good then why ain’t them same black people protesting and standing up for Black Lives Matter now.. it’s funny how blm has died out now since it’s been found as one of the biggest scams and lies ever… they used the race card to get money……

  2. And what she didn’t mention is the other millions of dollars that went to poor black communities in aiding better schools and housing for blacks. Is she deadass?

  3. Not a single dime went to the families of the movement I would have understood it more if they received money after the compensations of the family members lost the police brutality

  4. When it is all said and done Candice these WF still don’t love you they sit up govt programs all the time all over this country just to Rob Steal and destroy how about you Candice investigate them. Stop tearing dw your own sweetie the ws have been doing this very thing since they have been in Power. Who made you Candice judge and jury over what really belongs to TMH AND HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE. KEEP IT REAL SWEETIE. I AM DONE ✅

  5. I’m sorry if this sounds racist to u but a lot of black people come to me yelling at me saying I’m racist and call me the devil for being white so I’m vary confused why you are getting mad at white people for doing the best they can for people

  6. BLM didn't want to help anyone or anything but themselves. They never have. If you could look and listen past the bs (which I've done from day one) and looked at it for what it really was, you'll be a much better person for not siding with them. They are a selfish, crime loving, and hateful group. They don't want better. They want to wreak havoc and chaos and rob you of your money.

  7. The moment I found out that the founders of BLM openly refer to themselves as "trained Marxists" I knew they were manipulating the public for their own gain, the problem is the public have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Divide and conquer, as they say.

  8. How is someone so dark anti black, tyre was a self hating racists. He should have deleted his Twitter before he died, them old tweets are brutal.Tyre Nichols hated black women😂 he spoke so bad about dark skin women on twitter. Karma, hate your own and get stomped by your own

  9. So a social justice organization is using their money for social justice? Pardon me if I'm not surprised. BUT we all know at this point, that just like most liberation movements in America, the BLM "organization", not the movement, was hijacked by the motivations that are inherent in capitalism, in the form of putting money into finance capital and personal enrichment. This has happened every time in America. Not all the time in other nations though.

  10. damn is racism still a thing? I though it was just a hollywood trend of 2014 and then it was also a trend in the '60s to look cool … right? I mean no one really cares … it just a social thing to get together and do social stuff …

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