September 28, 2023
Capt Tazaryach: Sara Suten Seti Says He Doesn't Do Cocaine, But He's Doing Something!

Captain Tazaryach: Sara Suten Seti Says He Doesn’t Do Cocaine, But He’s Doing Something! Full audio podcast dropping …


46 thoughts on “Capt Tazaryach: Sara Suten Seti Says He Doesn't Do Cocaine, But He's Doing Something!

  1. the conscious Community hates the Hebrews because nobody can beat them in a debate LOL so they have to resort two physical means. Because deep inside my heart they run across someone like Captain tazaryach who destroys everything they love and work so hard mentally 4. it's like finding out your first love is cheating on you. That's how the conscious Community feels when they step to the truth. barak Atha yasharahla..

  2. Drug attic, lol , wow. No matter if setting was on triple heroine from Mars earth grown the fact that he is the master pUple of Dr Ben, AshwArs nephew, same line of Henry clark,bARSHANGO, IVAN Vansert and BOOKER T,he, that's it. Real talk, evidence,lectures,doctrine,and GIFT, YOU GUYS DON'T AND NEVER WILL COME CLOSE TO HIS GIFT. YOU GUYS TALK, SETI IS A TRUE BLUE HARD WORKING BLUE COLOR GRIT,FIT,DIVINELY PIPED IN TO THE SPIRIT OF THE CORE ANCIENT ELDERS. HE'S FARRRRRR AHEAD OF ALLLLLLLK MOVEMENTS. EXCEPT THE MOORS , RV bey caananites, hIP HOP temple moor town business and dolo, SETI might trip when getting personal but doctrine, gift to reach the ghetto streets and any MeliNATED humanS, you guys don't come close. Lpve and respect your efforts, but t,v u tube is like sampling. When original music got flooded with sampling, everybody and they momma was rapping. But it didn't mean they could rap.or create, Same here. You got years to go cus. Your master teacher doesn't come close to the 6 I mentioned, SETI IS the LeBron of this shit all day. Real talk ,bay area town biz type lingo. So dope fiend… that felt like Satan the devil, furthermore,taking shots at Dr ben,the father of this game being dropped to us all shows that 6th graders are upset customers they don't understand the doctorate level doctrine divinely given to seti by the doc himself. , my. Only questiin!!,,,,,,, WHO IS YOUR TEACHER……. WHERE IS YOUR ORIGIN..,.., WHAT STOCK DID YOU COME FROM….,… BEN,BARESHANGO,CLARKE vansERTIMA,BOOKER T,ASHWaRS Kwazi,, THE EEEEEELLLLLLLIIIIITTTTTE ALUMINAti MASTER TEACHERS OF ALLLLLLLK THIS, SO TO RAG ON BEN SHOW YOUR BETRAYAL OF THE ISRAeLITISH,YESHUA CHRIST SPIRIT. ME AS A MASTER TEACHER IN THE ART OF THE ZADDOc, gIVE SETI MADDDDDD PROPS AS TOP CONTENDER. RACISM I DON'T AGREE WITH BUT DOCTRINE, . .. ?.. TITLE HOLDER IN HIS FIELD. SO WHERE YOU FILLED YOUR APPLICATION OUT AT,WHO TAUGHT YOU, WHO'S YOUR TEACHER. WITHOUT THAT,PUT YOUR TURNTABLES AND YOUR SAMPLING DRUM MACHINE UP ….. TOO SHORT original BASS LINE TRACKS YOU CAN PLAY FOR HOURSSSSSSS RIDING,, and if you all taught each other and that's why you on YouTube, cool, but Jr high pads can't play raider football . 6 videos compared to a thousand and 6 by seti…..?.? Shhhhhh…..stop……. talking…….. shut trying to boost your views of another's legacy. Real God prophets see that. Only use doctrine, any negro ht talking bout Dr Ben, who we all know own wasn't wrong on shift, Cuz shake anti Diop was his guide. So chill until you reveal your teachers. And it bet not be Creflow dollar. Dr bern,Clarke and them the best of the gods forever. And I'm YESHUA CHRIST bible Jesus first with 20 years naturally and spiritually. But sets doctrine is first no matter with, thank God we see it and now we can piece it up. You can only fight with the truth. Maybe start from ruth. HELLOO……………

  3. I knew Seti was a loud mouth clown. He says a lot of shit that sounds good to those who struggle with their identity. But take away that gruff & he ain't nothing but a loud mouth fool. I digs the Captain he's a true brother.

  4. Wow that title though 🤦🏿‍♂️ The General got theses weakassniggas in they feelings. That’s like calling a man a snitch without the paperwork

  5. Coke head
    Weed smokers drinkers of beer make good soldiers too. Not saying Seti do it but Morals and Hating on each other is one of the reason why white folks ain't worried bout us as a people

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