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Why Black History Month?

Black History Month is a designated period of time in which Black and Afrakan people commemorate our ancestors, important historical dates, outstanding individuals, and our overall achievements as a race. However, for some Black people, the word Black is an offensive and inappropriate classification of Race. They say black is a color not a physical […]

What is Life?

What is Life? http:/320ro.com. Life is defined in simple terms as a state of matter that experiences growth through metabolism and reproduction. Life is infinitely diverse and ranges from single cell organisms to the most complex creature we know, which is ourselves. Although each incarnation of Life is independent of another with its own characteristics, […]

Sex Dolls Corrupting Life

Sex Dolls Corrupting Life. Weak minded people all over the world are going crazy over the release of a new breed of ultra-realistic sex dolls. They see the use of sex dolls as a harmless way of satisfying their desires while relieving sexual stress. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their […]

Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness

Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness So, Christians want to fight back against Black Consciousness using Christ Righteousness. Well the Heru Interface of Black Consciousness says bring it on! Christ righteousness is a roman invention and since Black people are not Romans, any Black person promoting Christ is not only perpetuating a slave mentality, they’re suffering […]

Support Us

The Black Conscious community should support Us. Who is Us? Us is the upcoming new horror film by writer and director Jordan Peele. Although I’m not into scary movies, there are three reasons why I’m going to see this movie when it gets released in March of 2019. The first reason is because the main […]

Buju Banton’s Greatest Song Was Love Black Woman

Buju Banton’s greatest song was “Love Black Woman”. Respect to Buju Banton on his recent release from prison and for all the great music he delivered over the years. Love Black Woman, which was a song that directly addressed racial pride, was a contentious reaction to the outcry of dark skin women in Jamaica who […]

What is God?

“What is God?” That is a question that will generate a different response from everyone who is asked. In general, people who believe in a god will respond by saying that he or she is the creator of the universe and everything in it. Atheists, on the other hand, will deny the existence of a […]

ZaZa Ali a Black Consciousness Vampire?

ZaZa Ali a Black Consciousness Vampire? Is ZaZa Ali a Black Consciousness vampire? Her recent exposure for trying to keep nearly $15K in appearance fees from a speaking engagement that she cancelled out on would certainly suggest so. Appearance fee provisions are contractual agreements between event organizers and performers. Patrons therefore need to be very […]

Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation

Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation; what is the difference and which one is the best for Black people on a whole. We believe that both are important and go hand in hand. Here is why. The vast majority of Black people who are waking up, abandoning religion and the system of popular culture are seeking […]

Beware of Cultists

Beware of Cultists; they are unconscious, unethical, deceivers and killers. They not only perform animal sacrifice for self-ingratiation, they also use all forms of trickery to exploit innocent and gullible people for money and/or body parts which they will either sell or use in rituals to try to make themselves or their clients stronger, richer, […]

What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness?

What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness? Whether you’re on the continent of Afraka or in the diaspora these 6 basic principles of Black consciousness are essential principles to uphold. Always honor and respect your Afrakan ancestry and the ancestors, value your genetic characteristics, increase your awareness by gaining knowledge, choose Spirituality over religion, […]

What Does Afrakan Mean?

https://320ro.com/afrakan-or-african-which-one-are-you/ Do you know what the word Africa means? Did we give ourselves that definition? One of the most valuable things that a person can possess next to a good education is a strong personal identity. One has to be very careful therefore to ensure that you are the one that defines your own identity […]