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What Is The Heru Interface?

www.320ro.com. What is the Heru Interface? The Heru Interface is a new operating system for human consciousness. An interface is a bridge between two platforms or devices that facilitates communication and interaction. For that reason, an interface can be considered an operating system. Common interfaces for operating computers are Windows and Mac OS. Common operating […]

What Does Afrakan Mean?

https://320ro.com/afrakan-or-african-which-one-are-you/ Do you know what the word Africa means? Did we give ourselves that definition? One of the most valuable things that a person can possess next to a good education is a strong personal identity. One has to be very careful therefore to ensure that you are the one that defines your own identity […]

Stop Female Genital Mutilation

https://320ro.com/stop-female-genital-mutilation/ Unconscious people have traditionally attempted to manage their sexual desires by blaming women for their lack of self-control. They have thwarted the development of female sexuality within their societies by mutilating the genitals of females. Black consciousness calls on all cultures that still practice female genital mutilation to listen to your conscience and the […]

What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness?

What are the Basic Principles of Black Consciousness? Whether you’re on the continent of Afraka or in the diaspora these 6 basic principles of Black consciousness are essential principles to uphold. Always honor and respect your Afrakan ancestry and the ancestors, value your genetic characteristics, increase your awareness by gaining knowledge, choose Spirituality over religion, […]