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Stop Female Genital Mutilation

https://320ro.com/stop-female-genital-mutilation/ Unconscious people have traditionally attempted to manage their sexual desires by blaming women for their lack of self-control. They have thwarted the development of female sexuality within their societies by mutilating the genitals of females. Black consciousness calls on all cultures that still practice female genital mutilation to listen to your conscience and the […]

What Is The Heru Interface?

www.320ro.com. What is the Heru Interface? The Heru Interface is a new operating system for human consciousness. An interface is a bridge between two platforms or devices that facilitates communication and interaction. For that reason, an interface can be considered an operating system. Common interfaces for operating computers are Windows and Mac OS. Common operating […]

It’s Time For The Heru Interface

www.320ro.com The Heru Interface is a new way of thinking and perceiving reality. The Great Spirit created Life and Life is on a quest to gain universal awareness. While Humans are an essential part of Life we are merely tools in Life’s quest. source

Black Consciousness is Misunderstood

Common Misconceptions About Black Consciousness. https://320ro.com/common-misconceptions-black-consciousness/ Judging from all the confusion and backlash within the Black Conscious community, it would seem that a lot of Black people are actually waking up. If you weren’t you would all be like sheep searching for leaders to follow blindly without using your own minds. Understand that Black Consciousness […]

Black Panther, Serves to Inspire in a World Built on Fantasy

https://320ro.com/black-panther-serves-inspire-world-built-fantasy/ Every dream begins as fantasy, an exaggeration of the actual outcome. There is no explanation for it. That’s just the way the human mind works. But if you think it’s foolish to rely on fantasy, who can tell me that god is not a fantasy? Yet he or she is the key driver of […]

Understanding Sexual Abuse

Understanding sexual abuse https://320ro.com/understanding-sexual-abuse/ Understanding human nature is key to understanding the prevalence of sexual abuse in society. Many women say they’re not surprised at the scope of the recent allegations against many high profile celebreties. They say most men in positions of power act no different. Are women right and why do men in […]

Finding Real Love

Love is our strongest emotion. Unfortunately Love is also our most confusing emotion. There is only one way to know when Love is real and that is when your conscience is involved. Read more at http://320ro.com source

Black Consciousness

Find true Black Consciousness @ http://320ro.com Are you tired of all the Lies and Deceptions in the media about Black People, Afraka, and AfRAkans? Are you tired of Religious leaders and their empty promises about prosperity and wealth while all they are doing is using you to make themselves Rich? Are you searching for the […]