September 22, 2023

New is sad to announce the passing of its former editor, the veteran Nigerian journalist . As a tribute, we republish here the tribute that Ben Asante wrote in celebration of ’s 80th birthday in 2015, in which he reminisces on ’s years with us.
There is never a dull with Peter . I started working with Peter in 1978, when he asked me to join him in London to serve as political editor of New . On a visit to Nairobi where I was then based, Peter and his wife Susanne came to see my newborn daughter, Janet. Peter surprised me with the job offer, which required my relocating to London.
But first he wanted me to pack my bags and join him to cover the OAU Summit, which was taking place at that time in Khartoum.
My previous attendance of OAU Summits had been as an observer but Peter changed all of that. Interviewing and talking with African leaders was a new experience for me but this was something Peter was used to….

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