Black Magic Unveiled & How Everything Changed in the Fall of 2016:

Sanat is a long time meditator, student of esoteric traditions and the occult. He’s a fellow wanderer on the pathless path, and he understands the importance of non-serious seriousness on the rocky road to non-duality – and beyond.

He has studied under different enlightened teachers all over the world, and he is also an adept dowser with more than 12 years of field experience. Sanat has calibrated the level of consciousness of literally thousands of people, and he has created a complete and holistic Scale of Consciousness which ties together many different traditions and points of view.


About Author: integral
A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface